Monday, 1 December 2014

Asia Xtreme Adventure Series 2015


5 Challenges in 2015 in Sabah

As a runner I am happy for my friends in Sabah that they now have five new events to choose from. Asia Xtreme Challenge recently held the Ranauthlon.14, which was a trail run of up to 21km in distance. I heard that every single runner finished. Now they have unveiled an even bigger schedule of events for next year. There is something for everyone here, be they like me just a road runner, or a cyclist or even a triathlete. Even those who like obstacles courses will have something to grin about. The fact that many of my Sabahan friends won't have to fly out to enjoy such events am sure will put a smile on their faces. I have been in constant touch with the organisers who have been more than happy to answer all my questions. Many of my friends from Sabah have mentioned about the registration fees, the lack of finisher tee for the FM runners and also the finishing times. New events will always face their own challenges. 

I for one think that due to the set up and staggered dates of these five events that even I can join all five if I wanted to. However the events that I am partial too are without a doubt the X12 Dark Run full marathon and the XTrail Ranauthlon.15 full marathon. That is what I live to run for. If they had an ultra, I would join that too. However I know that in Sabah there are powerful cyclists and triathletes, and am sure the X3 and XRace.123 will appeal to them. There are many combinations for the participants to choose from. I will only choose the run. However am sure a runner can team up with a cyclist to do the XRace.123. That's what makes these events so much fun. It opens up new possibilities for the participants. What's more those who sign up and finish all five events will get a special sixth medal that they can attach all the other medals too. Now I don't know about you but that is something to look forward too.

A brief summary of the dates for all five events next year can be found below. Those needing to know more about each particular event can go below and click on the event itself. I am told that participation is limited. So those who are interested should go directly to their website here and choose what's best suits them.  

X12 Dark Run - 1st March 2015
X3 Challenge - 5th, 6th and 7th June 2015
XRace.123 - 9th August 2015
XTrail Ranauthlon.15 - 1st November 2015
XC2 Xtreme Course Challenge - 6th December 2015

X12 Dark Run

X3 Challenge

X Race.123

XTrail Ranautholon.15

XC2 Xtreme Course Challenge