Monday, 28 October 2013

Walk-A-Payung 2013 - Report

Walking for SLE

Pimp My Payung

As was often the case for the month of October I had to forgo many charity events no thanks to my need to run long outside Sarawak.  On Sunday, 20th October 2013 I was running near Sunway Pyramid. Yes I was doing it for a medal, as part of my weekend combo run, but still my heart was in Kuching, where I missed not one, but two charity events - the Power of Love Charity Run and the Walk-A-Payung. Lucky for me I had friends who went to both events who took photos and let me post them in my blog so that others can share in what had occurred while I was away. Many thanks to Esther Ambin who provided me with all the photos you see belong. She is in some of the pictures posted. Without her help this blog would have been just words telling people more about what the event was all about.  For starters SLE stands for Systemic Lupus Erythemastosus, or just Lupus for short. It is incurable but can easily be controlled and managed if the disease is diagnosed and treated early.

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease of an autoimmune nature that can affect the skin, joints, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and other organs in the body.  The symptoms of SLE include skin rashes and arthritis, often accompanied by fatigue and fever.  Anyone showing signs and symptoms of Lupus can consult a doctor for tests.  If it is confirmed that they have the disease they will be referred to the Lupus Clinic. However it is important to note that not all patients who develop such symptoms have the disease as there are many other illnesses that mimic SLE.  The Walk-A-Payung event helps create awareness on SLE as they are still many who do not know what the disease is all about.  About 350 people took part in the event.  The highlight of which was the Pimp My Payung contest.  Participants had to decorate their payungs up and the best decorated ones were adjudged the winners.  There was also free check ups and a lucky draw.  From the pictures it sure looks like everyone had a good time.

Larian Belia 50 Tahun Sarawak Merdeka 2013 - Report

5km Run

Young and Old Pounding the Tarmac

It is always a tough ask to wake up early on a Sunday morning to run a race. What it takes is a lot of discipline and dedication and determination.  Had registered for the Red Crescent Jogathon (4km) and the Belia Run (6km - veteran), and decided to choose the latter.  Arrived at 6.30am to see many a familiar face in the crowd.  The gun time was supposed to be at 7am but this was changed to 7.25pm because of aerobic exercises.  Always nice to see people warming up while the veterans just chatted among themselves.  They had already warmed up you see.  Since this was essentially a run for the youth we saw many of them there. Lots of shiny trophies and medals were to be given out.  What's more there would be a lucky draw for electrical appliances and vouchers for meat.  The latter was a new one for me.  Yours truly was going to run this as part of my training towards Penang Bridge International Marathon.  The route from the old Dewan Undangang Negeri building was a very familiar one indeed.

The open category would be 8km long. They were flagged off first.  The veterans and the youngsters went off after them.  Was surprised to discover that some of them had run in the recent Putrajaya Night Marathon and King of the Road too. What a small world we live in! Only goes to show that runners in Kuching will go all the way to Kuala Lumpur to run long races.  Look who is talking, right? We posed for photos before and after the race.  My legs felt good but I most definitely felt heavy and only managed to finished in 20th spot.  If I had tried harder 17th spot would have been a possibility.  It was that sort of morning.  The heat got to all of us because of the late start.  We stayed behind for the prize giving ceremony. Kaliani Rajamanickom took top prize for the veteran's run.  John Lonchienne was 3rd for the open category. Many others from the Reservoir Park, Cat City Joggers and Hornbill Pacesetters running clubs placed too.  Over-all it was a good day for the old timers.

Kaliani and John
Reservoir Park runners
Junaidi Abang and me

L-R: Reuben, Jackie Chong, me, Philip Chua

Frances and Grace Lee
Frances Ngu and me
Shirley Liew and me
Open Category runners in action

Veterans and Juniors about to start
May Lai (next to me) and fellow competitors

Me and Eugenia Galan

Ronald Liaw, Eugenia and Reuben Su

Me finishing strong (pic: Yong Chuang)
Drank five cups of milo!
Hornbill Pacesetters runners (pic: Yong Chuang)
John with his trophy

Kaliani receiving his first prize

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Monster Dash Charity Run 2013 - Report

Zombies Galore

5km Run

Halloween Treat

Oh what fun it is not to run. Needed to rest my legs badly because tomorrow morning I have not one but two runs. Signed up for the Red Crescent 4km Jogathon and the 6km (veteran category) Belia Run.  Since my right foot wasn't 100% didn't dare risk it.  So walked the whole way.  Only used some leg speed to evade the zombies.  Thought they were supposed to run slow.  Guess these critters came straight out of World War Z.  Nice to see whole families participate in the run.  Some of the kids were really young.  It was very dark at some sections but the marshals had traffic under control.  We knew where the zombie attack would come since it was the only logical spot.  Nice to see so many people queue up to buy drinks at the 7-Eleven before the zombies got them down the road.  Heard from from several people who were at the scene that the zombies were over enthusiastic towards the end and that some people suffered because of this.  Hope they were not badly injured.

Was surprised at how fast the water ran out at the water station.  Then again we were at the tail end of the group.  Was told that 2,000 runners took part.  Many of them looked like first timers.  There were a couple of hardcore runners.  We won't mention names but some of them wore the running tops from last week's Putrajaya Night Marathon and King of the Road.  The more modest ones among us chose to wear the really sweet Monster Dash t-shirt.  It kind of made me feel skinny.  I wonder why.  Chose to wear rabbit ears for the first time.  Call me Horny Rabbit if you like.  MBF went as a Cute Devil.  Always nice to have flashing lights on your head at night.  Along Crookshank Road and Rodway Road we took up the whole road.  After that we had to share part of the road with the traffic.  Strange to see a whole stretch of street lights had died for the occasion.  Am so happy to see so many runners enjoying themselves.

The top ten finishers received t-shirts and medals.  The Zombie King and Queen were crowned.  Participants who caught tennis balls lofted towards the crowd won hampers too.  All told the atmsophere was very festive.  Thankfully there was lots of water at the finishing line and a van with chilled Vico.  Was feeling really hungry so left early.  Also wanted to catch as much of the Sarawak versus Pahang match.  Hopefully more night runs will be organised in the future.  This could have easily been called the Zombie Run, if that race isn't trademarked by others.  Always a joy to meet up with friends from Facebook for the first time.  Was surprised at how many people called me by name.  Some I knew, others were total strangers.  Thanks guys for reading my running blog.  I hope to snap a picture of you someday and post it too.  Happy running always!