Thursday, 27 February 2014

Turbo Snail Run 1.0


LSD Run for Slowpokes

For those looking for another official run in Kuching, this is not it. This is an LSD run for slowpokes. Only join if you are a slow runner. All right, if fast runners want to join, they can too, but you will be far ahead of the turbo snails. The distance is 20km. The run starts at 5am on Sunday (2nd March 2014). The meeting point is outside Penview Inn. Those who want to run the route should bring enough water to sustain them for the duration of the run. If not at least bring money to buy drinks at the 24 Hour KFC at Medan Hamidah or at the Petronas station along the toll road. Please be assured that no matter how slow your pace is, we will keep an eye on you. Please bring a fully charged mobile phone and wear reflective clothing or blinking lights. All runners are advised to run against the flow of traffic. Those wanting to know more about the route can contact me through Facebook or email me at, if you do not already have my mobile phone number. Happy running everyone!

Run Route (anti-clockwise)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Swinburne Sarawak Running Club - Monday Night Run

5km Night Run

Not everyone can run like a Kenyan or an Ethiopian. Many of us just like to run. The Swinburne Running Club organises weekly Monday night runs for those interested to run in a group. For the Monday Night Run, novices are most welcomed. Runs like these are especially convenient for women who need to train at night and worry about running alone. Rest assured that there will be experienced runners to lead them as well as act as sweeper for the slower runners and first timers. The next night run will be at 7.30pm on 3rd March. The route will be the usual Spring Live Active Run 5km. Runners must congregate at the main entrance of the Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus by 7pm. Please wear bright coloured reflective clothing and also also have some form of strobe or blinking lights for your safety. Don't forget to wear running shoes, unless of course you plan to run barefoot. Also it is recommended to have your handphone with you just in case of an emergency. The club is not responsible for any injuries that occur during the run. Runners run at their own risk. Remember this is not a race. Think of it as a training run. The idea is for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. For further enquiries please contact Mr. Christopher Sia (012-8569380).

The 5km route

The run start from Swinburne MPH at 7.30pm.
1) We will take the overhead bridge outside the campus and go to Jalan Tun Razak (will pass through Chung Hua Middle School No.3)
2) Take a left turn and go to Jalan Foochow 1 ( Phoenix Gym will be on your right side) 
3) Turn left at the traffic light of Jalan Sekama and go all the way down to Jalan Mendu (You will pass by a Shell petrol station on your left once you turn left)
4) Turn left and enter to Jalan Simpang Tiga (Hardcore Gym will be at your left side)
5) Go all the way down to Spring and use the overhead bridge before The Spring to go across the street and go back to Uni. (You will pass by The Library on the other side)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Momentum Run - Series 3 - Open for Registration!

Half Marathon

Limited to 300 runners

The third run in the Momentum Run Series will be held on 25th May 2014. This 21km run is limited to 300 entries. The entry fee is RM40. Each runner will receive a Brooks dri-fit t-shirt. Those who finish the run within the 3.5 hour cut off will receive a medal and a certificate. Runners can register at Revolution Run Co. Hurry before all the slots are taken up!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Road Share Run 2014 - Race Report

Let the Pictures Speak for Themself

With some help from us...

Carbo-loading before 5km run

Young man, matching caps, a yogamaster & teddybear

Nasa & Wil

Me & Anthony

We always meet up at runs

Tracy, Olivia & Nasa with others

Yikru & Nasa

A picture of a man taking a picture

The Red-Sleeve Gang

Milling around at the Start line

Teresa with a puppy up for a adoption

Yikru, Frances & Ming

Yoyo dude

Ryan and Nasa

Running buddies

Superheroes protecting Nasa

Mime dancers

Me and Tony Stark (aka Azizul)

Enthusiasm galore!


Puppy in the box

Adopt me please

Lawyers & honorary-lawyers

Run run run!

DBKU Mayor & Minister of Tourism Sarawak

Willie, Sia, the Mayor & the Minister

Beauties on a beca

A sea of people

Feeling so protected

Ruling the road

A view to a kill

Run ladies, run!

Lost Penang marathoner

Marathoners & honorary marathoner

Smile for the camera, ladies!

Downhill stroll

Smile Philip, smile!

Watch out for the "school bus"

Romance is in the air

Shy CMS ladies

The young and the old

Mother and her brood

Cops on bicycles

It's starting to rain, so Nasa's running

Did I win something?

Drinks anyone?

Sardine bun anyone?

I got me some VROOOMM!

Check out my red hot kayanos!

Guess who ran 30km today?

Milo time!

Aya and me

Ironman needs some oiling

Free pen for everyone

Lina, me and Connie

Lucky draw winners collecting prizes

Something interesting must be happening

Willie and the box

Smiling Stephanie

Reuben wins something

Me and Philip

Hoping to win something

Hardcore runners posing

King Tut needs some oiling too

Nasa & Julia

Teresa gets some vitamins

Anthony wins a hydration pack. Ultra time!

Connie snags a hamper

Smiles & superheroes at the fountain