Thursday, 30 January 2014

Runner Suffers Heart Attack - Dubai Marathon 2014

Man's Heart Stops at 4km

Please read the following: Running a full marathon is not a joke. It isn't something a recreational runner does with his friends. Come to think of it, what friends would urge someone with no prior training to run a full marathon? This guy was lucky that he had expert medical care. How many marathons can provide such facilities? Show of hands please! It's easy to say that there are medical personnel on hand during the marathon. Most of them are only able to treat minor injuries or cramps. When push comes to show they call in the ambulance. Remember a full marathon is 42.195km. The hospitals must be on standby for such eventuality, with trauma surgeons good to go. What this article tells me is that the Dubai Marathon medical personnel come equipped with defibrillators. If I ran there I would have peace of mind knowing that. In Malaysia I am more worried about being hit by a car when I run in a full marathon. What is your worry when you run a full marathon? 

For my fellow Kuchingites thinking about running in the Kuching Marathon, please make sure you have a running plan. Stick to it. Make sure you have enough mileage. Nothing beats being trained for any event. Make sure your heart can take it. If you worry that there might be something wrong then go consult a doctor. Running a full marathon puts a lot of stress on the body. It is never worth it to die for a certificate, a medal and a finisher t-shirt. If something doesn't feel right when you run then just stop. Your life is too important to risk on a run. Am always sad to read when someone gets hit by a car while running. It's even sadder to read of someone dying of a heart attack while running. I know there are those out there who just want to have fun while they run. If so, that's what fun runs are for. Stick to the 5km runs. The longer the distance the more serious it gets. I have run in six full marathons. Each and everyone of them present different challenges. Yes I am more experienced because of it. However if anything feels wrong with my engine, I am prepared to stop. Are you willing to stop too? Run safe always!

Pisang Relay Penang 2014

Run with a real banana baton!

Who wants to run a relay with a real banana as a baton?  All you have to do is form a team of three and have fun running a relay with a pisang as a baton in the inaugural Pisang Relay Penang on 22 JUNE 2014, Sunday, 7.00am, Straits Quay. Think of the Pisang Relay Penang as a fantastic opportunity to make friends and strengthen bonds. Get your family members, friends, colleagues to join you & have a great time of fun and laughter! What's more you get to eat the banana at the end, if it isn't squished out of it's skin.

DATE:: 22 JUNE 2014, Sunday
TIME: 7.00AM
DISTANCE: 4KM per lap X 2 laps per person
MEMBERS PER TEAM: 3 members in a team
VENUE: Straits Quay, Penang, Malaysia

CATEGORIES: Men, Women, Mixed, Boys, Girls
MINUMUM AGE: 13 years old as at 22 JUNE 2014

My Triathlon Shop
Contact Person: Karen Geh or KC
Contact Number: 012-446 8100 or 012-422 8666

Date/Time - 21 June 2014, Saturday, 11am - 5pm
Venue - My Triathlon Shop, Lot 112, 1st Floor, Penang Plaza, Burma Road, 10050 Penang. Tel: (604) 228-6100.

- A team of 3 members. Minimum age is 13 years old as at 22 July 2013.
- Each member will take turns to run 2 laps (not-consecutively) of 4km (total 8km).
- Each team shall complete a total of 6 laps.

BOYS TEAM: 13-17 years old
GIRLS TEAM : 13 – 17 years old
MEN TEAM: 18 years and above
WOMEN TEAM: 18 years and above
MIX TEAM: 18 years and above

Real Bananas will used as a baton, to be carried throughout the relay by the team member who is running. The 1st runner for each team will collect 1 Banana just before the race commences. The banana baton must be handed over to the next member within the Handover Zone before commencing the next lap.
One Banana baton shall be carried during the 1st to the 3rd lap. For the 4th to the 6th lap, the team has to carry an additional Banana baton. Hence the runner must have 2 Bananas for his/her 2nd lap. The first member to start the 4th lap for his/her team must be ready with the 2nd Banana baton (available at the handover point) prior to the commencement of the 4th lap.
The Banana batons can be carried in any manner but it must be with the member at all times during the run, failing which, the team will be disqualified due to the Banana MIA(missing in action). It should NOT be eaten during the run :)

Gather your own team of 3 members (Categories: All Men, All Women, Mixed).
Should any member of the team be unable to take part on event day, you may find a replacement or the remaining members have to run additional laps.

- 1 x Bib Number Tag per participant
- 1 x Finisher Medal for every participant
- 1 x T-Shirt for every participant
- Sports Drink & Water
- Bananas
- Professional Ambulance service with medic on standby throughout the event

MEN, WOMEN and MIX TEAM: RM135 per Team
BOYS and GIRLS: RM105 per Team

We will cap entries at a maximum of 500 teams to ensure a quality event for everyone.
Registration will close by 22 May 2014 or when we've reached the maximum number of participants, whichever is earlier.

You may transfer your entry without any fee/charges to another person if you are unable to attend the event. Please inform the organizer at by 22 May 2014.


Gong Xi Fa Cai

Xinnian Kuai Ler to all my Chinese friends..

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends far and near. May the Year of the Horse bring you all an abundance of wealth and shower you all with good health.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sarawak Health Marathon 2014 - Open for Registration!

Sibu's Longest Run

Yours truly isn't about to go into a debate on what constitutes a full marathon. The Sarawak Health Marathon 2014 is actually a half marathon, and this is the 14th edition. So, long before anyone else thought of it in Sarawak, the runners in Sibu have been running this event. This year it will be held on 5th May. As usual it either clashes, or is too close to the Borneo International Marathon,  which falls on 4th May 2014. From the information I have garnered, this means the Health Marathon will be run on a Monday! The event will yet again be held at Jubilee Park. It is now open for registration. According to Kelab Sukan Marathon Extreme (KSME) chairman Tang Ka Seng, there will be more than RM40,000 of cash prizes. The prize money has increased from last year by RM10,000. KSME is hoping to attract 2,000 runners. Last year I recall Kenyans took the top three spots. The first 800 runners who register will each receive a free t-shirt. 

The run is divided into six categories. Namely, 21km Men's and Ladies' Open, and Men's Veteran (48 years and above), 7km Men's Fun Run and Boy's Junior and 2.5km Girls' Junior. There is also a separate category for 2.5km Ladies Fun Run. The winners of the 21km Men's and Ladies' Open, and Men's Veteran will each receive RM900 plus a trophy. The first runner-up will get RM750 plus a trophy, while the second runner-up will get RM600 plus a trophy. As for the other positions, 4th prize is RM550, 5th prize is RM500, 6th is RM450, 7th prize is RM400 and 8th to 10th prize is RM300. The 11th to 20th placings will each get RM200, while the 21st to 30th placings will each get RM100. The 31st to 50th placings will each get RM50. In the Ladies' Open and Men's Veteran, only the 31st to 35th placings will receive RM50.

Entry fees are RM20 for Men's and Ladies' Open and Men' Veteran and Fun Run. As for the Boy's Junior and Girl's Junior, they only have to fork out RM10. The closing date for entries is 30th April 2014. Entry forms are available from KSME c/o Chai Lai Cafe at Sanyan Road. After 28th February, entry forms can be collected and submitted at the Grandstand of Sibu Town Square from 4pm to 6pm. Those residing in Sibu who are interested in knowing more about this run can contact Tang Ka Seng at 019-8181129 or Joseph Tang at 019-8178232. Those from Kuching can call Ngui Kiong (012-8881261), for Miri they can call Wong Siew Ming (019-8354321), and for Bintulu, Sarkawi Adenan (011-29978867). All those from Sarawak not planning to run in Kota Kinabalu that weekend should consider this half marathon.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Spring Live Active Run 2014 - Press Release


Early Bird Registrations Closing Soon!

Early bird registrations for The Spring Live Active Run 2014 are closing this February 9th. So visit to register now to enjoy savings on all categories. Pay only RM60 for the 21km Half Marathon, RM50 for 10km Run, RM40 for 5km Fun Run and RM160 for the 21km Ekiden Relay (team of four). There is also a non-competitive 1km Kids Dash for children aged 7-12 at RM20 per entry.

As with previous years, all participants of The Spring Live Active Run will receive a race pack which will consist of official Live Active Run running vests by Coneli Sports and several free samples and vouchers by our generous sponsors. Participants in the 21km Half Marathon and 10km Run will also receive an ITS Jaguar Timing Chip, to accurately track your finishing time. Winners also stand to win attractive prizes; in the 21km Half Marathon, 1st place takes home RM3,000, 2nd Place – RM2,000, 3rd Place – RM1,000 and 4th to 10th Place take home RM300 each. The top 50 finishers in the 21km Half Marathon will also receive a special Finisher’s t-shirt each.

The Spring Live Active Run first started in 2012, with only 1,600 participants. But at the time it was already the biggest community run ever held in Sarawak in nearly a decade and raised RM50,000 for charity. Last year, tHe Spring organized a 2nd run and attracted 3,200 participants, doubling the previous run and raising RM60,000 for charity. This year, the organizers – The Spring Shopping Mall, TEEM Event & Exhibition Management and supported by Kuching Marathon Association – hope to attract at least 4,500 participants from all walks of life as well as from overseas. Last year saw over 200 participants from 16 different countries participating in Live Active Run! And for the convenience of runners from outstation, the organizers have included an option for participants to have their race packs shipped to them on the website.

This year’s Live Active Run will benefit two charities, Habitat for Humanity (Kuching) and the Sarawak Hospice Society. Habitat for Humanity (Kuching) is an international organization whose goal is to transform lives by creating safe, secure and affordable homes for the poor. And the Sarawak Hospice Society is focused on providing a compassionate method of caring for terminally ill people. They respond to the unique needs of the terminally ill by providing physical and emotional care to dying persons and their families.

Participants can also look forward to a new category this year, called the 21km Ekiden Relay. This is a competitive team event. Teams of four must consist of at least one male and one female and will compete with other teams in a relay race that will cover the entire 21km route. This is a great category to participate with friends or workmates and requires some teamwork and strategy to win!

Live Active Run is also open to corporations, companies, organizations and education centers. Free delivery of race packs and a special commemorative plague will be given to registrations over 50. Just contact tHe Spring Advertising & Promotions team on 082-238111.

Live Active Run 2014 is brought to Kuching by The Spring Shopping Mall, co-organized by TEEM Event & Exhibition Management and supported by Kuching Marathon Association and EventFeet. The official attire sponsor is Coneli Sports and official fitness center is Level Up Fitness.

 SLAR 2014 Running Vest

SLAR 2914 Finisher Vest

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Arthur's Transformation


    Never Give Up!

    Why this video affected me so much...


    The first time I watched Arthur Boorman's story I teared up really bad. If you aren't one of the 10 million people who watched his video on youtube, then you don't know what you are missing. Arthur was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for fifteen years. Doctors told him that he would never be able to walk on his own ever, again. Then he began practicing yoga... This video really hits close to home for me. What many don't know about me is that before I ever ran my first full marathon, and long before I became a Marathon Maniac, I suffered from excuiating pain in both knees. The signs were there in the beginning but I chose to ignore them. Blaming it on my badminton playing, which I was quite into at the time, playing at least three nights a week. Then before I realised it the pain grew so great. I had trouble getting in and out of the car. I had trouble walking up or down stairs. I couldn't even play badminton anymore. It was a cartilage problem. All manner of pain came when I tried using my knees. Just a regular walk caused me so much discomfort.

    Bits of my cartilage in my knee were jabbing into the surrounding areas. It must have disintegrated from my years playing badminton, ping pong and then tennis. These games all require sudden change of moments and stressed my knees to the max. I definitely didn't want to go on the knife. Have seen very athletic people who had to have multiple operations, and still walked with much difficulty. Have also met success stories. However I didn't want to take the risk. My late mother had problems with her legs, and I feared I was following in her footsteps. At the recommendation of a pharmacist friend I began taking megadoses of glucosamine. He told me to take 3g every morning half an hour before I ate anything else. So that's what I did. However I needed something for the pain. That's way the painkillers come in. I took large doses of it every day. Slowly but surely my pharmacist asked me to reduce the dosage of painkillers, which I reluctantly did. It came to the point where I was taking one-tenth of what I took in the beginning.

    At my worst I couldn't even make a jump shot because of all the before and after pain. Worst still was the fact that I moved the ball like I was in my eighties. Bending to get the ball was next to impossible. Squatting to get the ball meant that I had to get up again, which hurt so bad. The temptation to increase my painkilling dosage was always there. There were so many things I couldn't do. If the escalator wasn't working, forget it. There was no way I could walk up or down it. The elevator was my friend. And yes I put on weight. However I kept on going. I kept on taking the glucosamine. Then over time it got easy to walk. It also got easier to go up and down stairs. However I kept on falling back on those painkillers. Then I went cold turkey. That week was the hardest in my life. It was even harder than  giving up smoking. Yes, I have been smoke free for more than two decades. That's another story altogether. However I persevered. Gradually I decreased the dosage of glucosamine to a maintenance level of 500mg.

    All told it was a three year journey for me. I never played badminton again. My weight had ballooned up. I started walking more and then jogging a bit. However it wasn't a regular thing. I would do it when the mood was there. It went on like this for years. Every time I started jogging regularly something came up to put a stop to it for awhile. What I did do was walk a lot. The joy of being able to walk without any discomfort was irresistible. I would walk great distances whenever I could. The walking helped keep my weight in check. I was never one to control my eating. Dieting never worked for me. Then along came the Spring Live Active Run 2012 and my first official 5km run and a whole knew life, unbeknownst to me back then, awaited me. I found something I thoroughly enjoyed. This running thing was good for me. I marveled at what my legs could do. Being a person prone to doing things on a whim and a prayer I signed up for the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012. The distance was 42.195km. Till today I can still feel the joy of finishing it.

    Looking back on how I was before the dawn of the new Millennium, it's hard to believe how many kilometers I have run now.  I may not have the speed, but I run, and given enough time I will reach the finish line. I know I can do it. My mind, after all that I have endured, is terribly strong. I have been in the pit of despair. Now every time I finish a race, especially a full marathon, I am still amazed that I can do this. I want to do as much as I can, when I still can. I don't know how long my knees will hold together. However I know I am prepared to do what it takes to continue to run for as long as I can. If it means running slow so be it. If it means running shorter distances as I get older, then that's what I will do. I am not prepared to give up running. It gives me so much joy. It has made me a healthier and better person. It has opened a whole new world to me. I have made so many new friends. I will do my best to promote running to everyone, young and old. It's the easiest form of exercise. Just step outside and run.

    So now you know why Arthur's transformation affected me so. Arthur never gave up. He believed. Whatever your health levels you have to believe you can transcend your current situation. Arthur discovered yoga. I discovered running. The mind is a wonderful thing that never ceases to amaze me. If you believe you can and work hard at it, and never give up, you might find what Arthur and I found. It is too easy to say it cannot be done. Go and challenge yourself. What is 42.195km for me now? It is only a number. I respect it but I do not fear it. Don't sit on the couch feeling sorry for yourself if something ails you. Get up and do something about it. Make a pledge that you will transform your life. It may not even be a disability or an injury. It could be any sort of transformation. The positive benefits will carry into all aspects of your life. I have achieved so many things through running that I want to keep on running for the rest of my life. Running will forever be my happy place. I cannot show you how I was but Arthur can show you how he was.

    Friday, 24 January 2014

    Campaign for a Lane (CFAL) Penang 2014

    Cycle 82km around Penang Island

    TMBT 2014 falls on the 16th-17th August 2014. The Hasuu Tasu 28km trail run falls on 17 August 2014. The first Kuching International Marathon falls on 17th August 2014.  Outside Malaysia, and of interest to those living in Southeast Asia, the 1st Angkor Empire Full Marathon falls on 17th August 2014. Why am I not surprised that the 6th edition of the Campaign For A Lane (CFAL) falls on 17th August 2014? Am just wondering out loud why so many big runs are falling on the same date. Of course CFAL is a cycling event. I am all for promoting cycling events, and CFAL has been around for awhile. Looking at the race map I can forsee how things would be if I were to run either the inaugural Starlight Ultra or the inaugural Penang Ultra 100 this year. Those wanting to know more about this event or register for it can click here.

    Kuching Marathon 2014 - Registration Drive

    Waterfront Booth Registration

    Free Gifts Await 

    The Kuching Marathon 2014 registration drive is going strong. I have been informed that a large number of runners from West Malaysia have registered.  There are mainly from KL, Selangor, Penang and Johor. Quite a number of runners from Sabah and Singapore have registered too. The preferred distance is of course 42km. Kuching runners are also signing up for the full marathon, with many going for their maiden run. The Waterfront booth registration has been set up to attract even more runners from Kuching to sign up. The freebies are available while stock lasts. Do look for Booth No.47 at the Esplanade there if you happen to be in town. The booth will be opened from 10am to 5pm. To Kuchingites I say, support your local runs. It is not every city that has their very own marathon. Now we in Sarawak cannot complain of the lack of long runs in our state. By making this marathon a success it will most definitely lead to more such runs in Sarawak in the future. Sign up and let the training begin. Hope to see many of you along the 42km route this weekend. Happy running always!

    Signing up!

    Thursday, 23 January 2014

    SP Half Marathon 2014

    13th September 2014

    Sungai Petani, Kedah

    Another half marathon of interest. Well for me it is low in the pecking order after Brooks Half Marathon 2014 at Bukit Jalil and Brooks Kuantan Half Marathon 2014, not forgetting to mention our very own half marathon at the Spring Live Active Run 2014. What I like seeing is choices available for us runners. Nobody expects to run all the races, but at least we have options. Also not everyone wants to run a full marathon or an ultra marathon or a trail run. I am not endorsing any of the half marathons I have posted. All I can say is that I have run in two of them: Brooks Half Marathon 2013 at Bukit Jalil and the Spring Live Active Run 2013. It is not something I will do often. For me it is more of a fun run. Yours truly also prefers road runs for the time being. Of course there will be those who want to push beyond 5km and 10km, so this half marathon might be for you. For online registration click here.

    Wednesday, 22 January 2014

    Putrajaya Deuter Trail Run 2014

    10km trail (80% trail + 20% on road)

    Date: 11th May 2014 (Sunday)
    Flag Off: 7.30am (SUbject to changes)
    Location: Putrajaya Challenge Park (Skate Park)
    Distance: 10km trail (80% Trail; 20% OnRoad)
    Registration: Via Online (Date will be announced)
    Number of participant: Limit to 1000
    Race Kit Contents:
    - Shirt
    - Medal (to be given at the finishing line)
    - Bib
    - Special Gift of Deuter product

    Please visit their Facebook page for any updates.



    Participants need to go through the Outer Loop, followed by the Inner Loop. Both loops will be challenging with undulating terrain. Save your energy because it gets tougher as you enter the Inner Loop. There will be man-made obstacles. You are required to slide, climb, jump and crawl. You will get sweaty, dirty, wet and muddy. Some might even get cramps. Some will like this part, some will hate it. Some will scream in joy, some will scream profanities. There is no possible way for you to reach the finishing line spanking clean. You will be disqualified if no dirt is seen on you. Ten kilometer trail run IS NOT THE SAME as 10km road run. You might be able to run all the way for your 10km road, but don't expect the same when it comes to this event. You might be a sub 1-hour 10km road runner, but don't be a cry baby if you don't achieve this in this event, we expect most you can't do that. Unless of course, you are going for the podium where 97% of you will not. Please wear proper race attire. The organisers do not want to get a lawsuit when your expensive compression attire gets dirty or torn because of the obstacles. Two water station spots will be provided, but do carry your own hydration just in case. MOU Signing & Merchant Partners

    If you have participated in runs such as 777 Nite Chase Run, Kuching Nites Run, Colour Rush and Monster Dash, then you will be familiar with According to director Dato Patrick Liew, since its official launch, more than 3,000 youths had signed up as members, and as of last week the web portal has garnered 10,000 likes on Facebook. Apart from organising charity runs, they also organise various events for youths, as seen on their Facebook page. Or go directly to their website to learn more about them. The event was officiated by Tan Sri William Mawan, the Minister of Social Development. At the event, more than forty merchants ranging from those in merchandises to food and beverage participated in the MoU for the membership card. The lifetime membership card is offered free to all youths aged from 15 to 40. I guess am too old to sign up. Those who want to join can do so by visiting their website.

    The merchants posing for group pic
    Mike Cheng and me
    50-year-old 'youth"

    Starlight Ultra 2014

    Run 84km in Penang

    My goodness, there will be not one, but TWO ultra marathons in Penang this year. First announced was the Penang Ultra 100. Now we learn that there will be another ultra run. While the run in September looks more hardcore thanks to the limited number of participants, and shorter cut-off time and terrain, the Starlight Ultra has runs that caters to the needs of various runners. So those who are not ready for the 84km solo can join the 84km relay or sign up for the 21km and 7km runs.  The cut off times are kinder: 84km solo/relay is 16 hours. That's an hour more than the Penang Ultra's 84km run. For a slower runner like me that becomes so very tempting. Those who want to learn more about the Starlight Ultra can click here. Those who want to compare it to the Penang Ultra 100 can click here to lead to their web page. The registration for Starlight Ultra has been delayed till 31st January 2014. The colours for the running tops and finisher t-shirts have also changed, all for the better if you ask me.

    Kuching Marathon 2014 - Online Registration Open

    Have you registered yet?

    Kuching's very own full marathon 

    Yesterday was a proud moment for Kuchingites when the Kuching Marathon 2014's website officially went online and registration kicked off. The Minister for Tourism, Datuk Amar Abang Johari bin Tun Openg was on hand to officiate the launch. Kuching Marathon Association (KMA) president, Wong Cheng Yi, disclosed that the marathon would be held on 17th August 2014.  That's 206 days an counting everyone! Runners who want to register for this event can visit the official website. Runners from the major running clubs in Kuching (Hornbill Pacesetters Running Club, City Cat Joggers Club, Reservoir Park Running Club, and O-Run-Utan Running Club) came to show their support. Plaza Merdeka was filled with hundreds of runners wearing their colourful running t-shirts. Yours truly had rushed from one function to be an this momentous event. So I just put my finisher t-shirt over the t-shirt I was wearing for the previous event.

    Many runners took the opportunity to sign up on the spot, since the first 300 who registered were presented with a free running t-shirt. Early word is that the majority signed up for the 42km distance. Willie Liew, the Vice President of the Hornbill Pacesetters Running Club, was the first runner to officially sign up for this marathon. Also present at the launch was Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) Mayor Datuk Abang Wahap Abang Julai, Plaza Merdeka managing director Datuk Steve Ng, and India Street Pedestrian Mall committee chairman Dato Wee Hong Seng. I was one of the lucky ones to sign up at the venue and get the free t-shirt. This is one full marathon I so look forward to running. The route (refer to website) is really flat and passes through the kampung (village) in the beginning. I will start training on it as soon as the weather permits. Hope to catch my fellow Kuchingites running it too!

    Launch venue
    KMA President addressing the crowd
    DBKU Mayor
    The Minister of Tourism speaks
    Willie Liew and the Minister of Tourism
    Runners registering
    More runners registering
    Willie Liew leading the Hornbill Pacesetters
    Adrienne Chloe, Reuben Su and TC Liew chatting
    Me and my free t-shirt
    (Photos were from my collection and contributed by KMA, and the Hornbill Pacesetters Running Club)

    Tuesday, 14 January 2014

    Kuala Kubu Bharu Old Town Running 2014

    Much Ado about Kuala Kubu Bharu Old Town Running

    Real or Fake?

    I do not like doing this, but if I don't spread the word, how will those outside Facebook know about it. Yours truly only just discovered this 'inaugural' run. In fact I wanted to promote it in my blog. However when I visited their Facebook page I noticed that something seems to be amiss. Many runners were asking about their registration and also trying to contact the organiser but to no avail. One has even made a police report. I asked for clarification from the people who posted the event in their sports website but so far have not gotten any reply. As of today the organisers have not posted any new comment regarding this run since the middle of December last year. Checking the Facebook page of the organiser himself has proved fruitless too. Pictures of him and his t-shirt printing business and stall have surfaced. Big on him if he progressed from that to hosting a run event for 2,000 runners. Or maybe he has people backing him. Of course I can hypothesize till the cows come home. However am sorry to say I smell a really big rat...

    The office of the event organiser is at Rawang. Refer to the registration pdf to get the actual address and contact. Anyone who knows how to contact the parties concerned do please ask them to clarify what is going on. In this case silence is not golden. My best advice to anyone wanting to register for this event is to wait for further clarification before registering. I am posting this because I too am wondering what is going on. I hope this is a legitimate event and that the organisers will come forth to rectify any participant queries as soon as possible. However if it is a fraudulent event the rights of the runner must be protected at all cost. We don't want people creating fake running events to dupe runners out of their hard earned money. I challenge the individual concerned to comment on this blog post. By the way there are pictures of him and his family on Facebook. The participants should save all the particulars just in case his account suddenly gets disabled.

    Registration form

    Where2go Ultimate Challenge 2014

    Go to Penang!

    Cycle the Island

    Who wants to cycle around Penang Island? The Where2go Ultimate Challenge is back! Now 4,000 cyclists from all over Malaysia and beyond can do just that. Makes me want to get a bike and go there just to do it. The cut off is 4 hours. There's a nice medal to go with the very colourful cycling jersey up for grabs. If only someone on the Island would lend me a bike for that weekend. Six days after the Borneo International Marathon, this would be a challenge indeed for a marathon runner. Especially one who almost never cycles. However the temptation is there to go back to Penang. Those who want to know more about this event can click here.


      Event cycling jersey

      Finisher Medal

      Event Route

    Monday, 13 January 2014

    Kuching Marathon 2014 - Special Sign Up Deal

    KM website online 21st January 2014

    The Kuching Marathon Association is pleased to announce that the official launching ceremony to mark the commencement of participants' registration for the Kuching Marathon 2014 will be held on 21st January 2014 at 4pm.  The venue will be at The Atrium at Plaza Merdeka, Kuching. The launch of the official website and participants' registration for the Kuching Marathon will be officiated by YB Datuk Amar Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg, Minister of Housing and Minister of Tourism, Sarawak. Everyone interested to sign up for the event is cordially invited.  The first 300 runners who successfully register themselves for the full marathon (42km) and half marathon (21km) on the launch day (at the launch venue only) will receive a special (micro fiber) running vest from KMA, sponsored by Trinity Hub. So those in Kuching who want to sign up for our inaugural Kuching Marathon know what they have to do on that day. I will be there. Hope to see you guys there too! Those unable to attend the launching of the website can always visit the KM2014 official website here.

    "Tri-Ed 101" with Steve Lumley in Action

    Ironman Triathlete Steve Lumley in Kuching

    2-Day Triathlon Clinic

    On Saturday and Sunday forty-one people participated in the Tri-Ed 1.0 Triathlon Clinic in Kuching conducted by coach Steve Lumley. Lumley, an Ironman 30 times over, with 4 invites to Hawaii, is no stranger to the world of triathlon. Now based in Kuala Lumpur, he trains and coaches triathletes in the region. This is his first trip to Kuching to train triathletes and aspiring triathletes.  Yours truly was there to see first hand how Lumley conducted his clinic. From my brief stay I picked up many tips on how to tackle the swimming discipline in the triathlon. I was not around for the actual swimming drills, but the input I got from my friends was very positive indeed. The photos were sent to me by various individuals. Many thanks to Frances Ngu, Eldon Chuo and Albert Tan Sing Kai for helping me out. Plus I am now a proud wearer of my first 'triathlon' t-shirt. The event was sponsored by Level Up Fitness, Revolution Run Company and Power Up Bars.

    Steve Lumley and me

    Brief Summary of Tri -Ed 1.0 Clinic

    Day 1 (Saturday 8.30am - 5pm)

    (Venue: Samarahan Sarawak Golf Club)

    Briefing by Steve Lumley
    Video analysis, feedback, and specific drills in swimming pool
    Bike set up and Positioning
    Pedalling skills and drills and theory of training cycling program
    Transitions set up and practices

    Day 2 (Sunday 7am - 2pm)

    (Venue: MBKS Carpark)

    30km cycling with Steve Lumley
    Hill climbing and descending skills
    Brick sessions - short run off the bike
    Running economics, specific drills and conditioning

    Thursday, 9 January 2014

    Thailand Ultra Marathon 2014

    25th October 2014

    50km or 100km

    Came across this ultra marathon by accident. Contacted Marcus Philpott, who is organising it, and got a very nice reply. Just realised to date have not promoted any runs outside Malaysia. So this is a momentous occasion of sorts. The event starts and finishes in the Shan tribal village of Ban Tham. It is a 50km off road loop, with approximately 2,000 meters of climbs per lap. 100km runners will have to complete the loop twice. The cut off times are 9 hours and 18 hours respectively. This is a small race with entries limited to 100 participants combined. Marcus will try to increase the number to 150 if he can find more accommodation for runners, as the village is small.  For more information do please visit his Facebook page or website. If you want to know what captivated me about this ultra just go to "Why" section on his website. This is a part of Thailand that only the most adventurous tourist gets to see. Imagine having to run through areas that no runner except Marcus has gone through before? I don't know about you, but that sounds really exciting to me!

    The Ultra Marathon 50km loop

    How to get to the Ultra Marathon HQ

    Location of the Ultra Marathon