Friday, 14 November 2014

Watergate 16HR 2015

Event Info

Event Details
Date: 10 Jan 2015 (Saturday) to 11 Jan 2015 (Sunday) 
Time: 08.00pm Saturday to 12.00pm Sunday (16 hours)
Venue: Taman Seri Empangan, Putrajaya
Entry Fee: RM50 (An additional RM8 for online transaction fee)

Event T-Shirt is available for optional purchase @ RM30/pc. Event tee is not included in the entry fee. Info as below. Material : Microfibre.


Event Format
- Running a loop from Taman Seri Empangan to Palace Of Justice (2.5KM) and turn back to Taman Seri Empangan (5KM per loop)
- Do as far as you can in 16 hours.
- To entitle as race finisher, participant must complete a minimum distance of 50km (10 loops) within 16 hours. There is special limited edition finisher token waiting for you.
- Minimal support event. Please read the entire race info.
- No pacer is allowed.

A - Men's Open
B - Women's Open

Runners entitlement (available during the race unless stated)
- Free flow drinking water.
- Free flow isotonic drink.
- Coke/Mountain Dew (available after 12:00am)
- Fruits (banana and watermelon).
- Bread (with Nutella and Peanut Butter).
- Sweet and salty snack.
- Supper (available after 12:00am)
- Breakfast (Nasi lemak daun pisang available after 7:00am).
- Recovery station (after the race).
- Personalised bib number.
- Route marshals. 
- 2 water stations.
- Finisher Goodies. 
- Basic first aid (available at start/finish point).
- Photo coverage by official & unofficial photographers.

This race is open to Malaysian and overseas runners aged 18 years old and above only.

No prize. No medal. No finisher tee.
Just pure ultra-marathon satisfaction.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Route 68 Challenge 2015 - Announced!

Pick your thrill: 50km or 68km

As the 2015 run calendar gets clearer one thing I noticed is the clashing of runs yet again. Unfortunately I am unable to attempt Titi Ultra again this year as it clashes with Malaysia Women Marathon, for which I have been signed up as an FM pacer. However thanks to many more runs popping up in Malaysia I now have a chance to run in another road ultramarathon.  This brand new event is the Route 68 Challenge which falls on 10th May 2015. That's a week after the Borneo International Marathon in Kota Kinabalu, which many of us from Kuching will be running.  This new road challenge comes in two categories: Endurance Category (68km ) and Challenge Category (50km). The cut-off times are a competitive 12 and 9 hours respectively. As far as elevation goes it will be 1,900m and 1,700m. So this will be ideal for those who enjoy hilly road runs.

Why is this ultramarathon called Route 68 Challenge? Well the race course traverses through the remote and scenic Route 68 from Gombak to Bentong. The organisers promises to give runners the most unique road ultramarathon race experience in Malaysia. This event is not yet open for registration. To keep abreast of the latest news do visit their Facebook page or go directly to their website. The finisher t-shirt is from 2ndSkin (see below) and the medal is designed by Medal Depot. Medals will be awarded based on positioning. Those who finish within the top ten in each category will get a gold medal. The top 11-30 finishers will be awarded a silver medal. While all those who finish within the respective cut off times will receive a bronze medal.  Those who feel they are up to the challenge or have the endurance can sign up when registration opens next week. This event is brought to you by Malaysia Ultra Running.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sarawak International Marathon 2015 - Announced!

Sarawak gets another 42.195km run!

Didn't dare say marathon as the word continues to get abused in our country. So to make sure everyone knows that the marathon in Bintulu is a full marathon I have put out the exact distance. We in Kuching felt very lucky to have had the Kuching Marathon this year. It was a huge success. Yours truly was hoping for even more long runs. Guess what it is starting to happen!  Sibu would have been the likeliest choice, since they have been running a half marathon, and calling it a marathon, for donkey years. However now that Bintulu has announced the Sarawak International Marathon on 22nd March 2015, the papers call it 'International' while on their Facebook page it remains Sarawak Marathon.  However what is certain now is the distance. Plus confirmed too are the half marathon, 10km and 5km runs.   There will also be a 1km Kids Dash and a 10km Corporate Challenge.

Fat Old Man Running is hungry for more news. We all have been told to stay tuned at their Facebook page and or for more information of the Grand Launch in December 2014. The clock is ticking very fast. The Volunteers Program and Event Registration will be opened by them. We runners in Sarawak are living in exciting times. Come 2015 we are guaranteed two full marathons in our State. Then there is a small matter of a run in Sibu that always seems to clash with the Borneo International Marathon... The more the merrier I say. What it does is give those living on the island of Borneo a chance to run long without having to fly out. In Brunei they have the inaugural BSB International Marathon on 16th November 2014. While in Sabah, next year, apart from BIM, there will also be the X12 Dark Run, which is also a full marathon, on 28th February 2015. That's five full marathons next year on the island of Borneo alone!

The full article can be read here.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Momentum Run 2.0 - Open for registration!

Run long or run short: The choice is yours

Last year, the hugely successful Momentum Run was launched in Kuching. This year the organisers have decided to make the event even better.  The main objective of this run is to prepare runners for the second edition of the Kuching Marathon that falls on 16th August 2015. As Kuching runners are well aware there are only a few events locally that go beyond 5km up to 10km each year. So those wanting to run longer will have to fly off to either Sabah or the peninsula. Now thanks to Momentum Run 2.0 runners can stay back in Kuching, run to their hearts contentment and be rewarded with medals and finisher t-shirts, and of course save lots of money.  The common question I am always asked is when is the next run in Kuching. Well now the answer is for all to see because registration has opened for the series. However this year things get a little more exciting....

Like last year there will be four runs in the series. Unlike last year only one event t-shirt will be given for Momentum Run 2.0. This is when the participant signs up for Series 1 which will be held on 18th January 2015. The distance is 8km. Only 1,500 limited edition Brooks drifit t-shirts will be printed in the hot pink colour seen below. So for those who sign up late there is no guarantee the same colour will be available. Don't say you were not forewarned. The fee is only RM40 and for that the runner gets the t-shirt and upon completion of the run a medal too. Those who want to register can get the forms at RevRun Padungan, at the Brooks Concept Store at Green Heights Mall or at the CJC Thursday Night Run registration desk.

Now the question is, which run is right for you? This year there will be not one but two categories. The runner is asked to plan wisely. Those aiming to run the Half Marathon can opt for the Short Distance Category which consists of 8km, 12km, 16km and 21km. Those who complete the 21km will get a exclusive finisher t-shirt. However if a runner is aiming for the Full Marathon then they should sign up for the Long Distance Category, which consists of 8km, 20km, 25km and 30km. Please note that those who finish the distances mentioned in both categories will be awarded medals. All four medals in the series can be fitted into a special giant medal.  While those who complete the 30km will also get an exclusive finisher t-shirt. Those who sign up for all FOUR Series before 15th December 2014 will be entitled to a free Brooks Sling Bag and Shoe Discount Voucher. For further enquiries, please call: 082-459397 (Brooks GHM), 016-5892233 (Albert), 014-3955194 (Agu), 012-8870436 (Kee).

Newton Challenge 2014

15km and 25km run

Who wants to end the year with a nice long run of say 25km? There are too many short runs out there that don't even reach 21km that call themselves marathons. That's why I am careful when someone asks me how many marathons I have run. I will always answer by saying a couple. I know of a certain running buddy and fellow Marathon Maniac (who shall remain nameless, but I did meet him at a McD in Kuching recently, when he came on a working trip from KL), who runs almost every race in Malaysia. Imagine asking him how many marathons he runs. So to make a long story short, it's nice that the Newton people call it a Challenge. Me likes challenges. 25km is a nice distance to challenge oneself the week after doing a full marathon at Cyberjaya. It is also a good way to close the running calendar and add another medal to that ever growing collection.

Those itching to run on 28th December 2014 can head to Giant Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor. The event starts at 5.30am (25km) and 6.30am (15km).  Of course do please register first. Registration is open till 30th November 2014.  Runners who sign up will get an exclusive Newton running singlet, a Newton sling bag, a race number bib, a disposable timing device, and a Newton Challenge finisher medal for ALL finishers.  I think that last bit will get the slowpokes excited. I hope it means that those who feel like walking the entire distance will get a medal too. However do please be kind to the organisers and volunteers and not keep them waiting too long. Registration fees are RM50 for 15km and RM60 for 25km. Those who want a limited edition Newton Energy running shoe will have to pay a bit more for registration. The shoe is valued at RM499, but those who register for both distances will only need pay RM299 to get the shoe and a free entry into the challenge. That sounds like a good deal to me.

Those who want to visit the website and know more can click here. Those who want to register can go there too.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Test your limits

Am sure my constant runners will be wondering what has happened to Fat Old Man Running. Well in a nutshell I have been having ankle problems ever since I attempted my crazy sequence of runs (5 in 36 days, and am not even counting the 34km I did on Day 38, for Malaysia Day, though I will proudly wear the finisher tee).  Since then I suffered a major trauma to the head in a bathroom fall, which praise be to Allah, has not left me with any internal injuries, however I am still mindful, as I have yet to run a full marathon after the incident. So Penang Bridge International Marathon will be a major test for me on whether all is well with my head. Yours truly just learned of an interesting 24 hours run. Click here to find out more. I have chatted with the organiser and she has impressed me enough to come out of semi-retirement to support this run. Though there is no guarantee I will run it next year, I would like others to learn more about it, and decide whether they want to a give it a try.

This craziness will never be repeated!

Who doesn't want to find out what their body is capable of? Well I can safely say I now know my limits. How many out there know theirs? 24H gives runners the chance to test how far they can go in an event format. The runners will be fully supported with a well stocked water station. Those who sign up will get a drifit running t-shirt, a drifit cap and a towel. Plus I have been informed that the runners who complete in the event in whatever distance or time they choose will be give a commemorative medal. I don't know about you, but for a 24 hour run that's fine with me. So in essence the runner themselves decide how many kms they want to cover or are capable of covering.  Of course the winner will be the person who covers the longest distance. However we all know that not everyone can win. Those who dare to run and finish are also winners. Nobody who participates in an event such as this loses.

For those who like loading up for such races, there will be a pre-run pasta party the night before, during race pack collection. Also during the full 24 hours, at the refreshment stations, food will be provided.  Fruits include bananas, oranges and apples. As for solid food, pastas, purees, boiled potatoes, rice, bread, hard boiled eggs and sausages will be made available. Snacks will consist of cakes, chips, chocolates, nuts and cereal bars. These will be put in a few mouthful portions so that runners can take a bit as they cross each time. There will also be a post-event breakfast. Why am I suddenly so excited? Must be all that mention about food. Now the participants will know that they have ample sustenance to keep them going for as long as they want too.  What's more a specific zone with tables and chairs will be cordoned off on the course for personal provisions.

A common area is available for sleeping arrangements and participant must bring their own sleeping materials sleeping bag, air mattress, pillow, and blankets. Participant may setup their own camping tent at designated area. Toilets and water facilities are available.  Bag drop facilities will also be made available for those who run unsupported.
The organiser has plans for more such runs in the future. So this 24H is only a starter. Their vision is to eventually create more endurance races like the 48-hours, 72-hours, 6-days and even 8-days, with all proceeds donated for good cause.
I know they are many runners out there complaining we don't have such races in Malaysia. So when the opportunity does arise do show your support, and not bemoan the missed opportunities. This event is limited to 100 participants only.  Keeping it small is always good in my opinion. This event will be held on 31st January to 1st February 2015 at Taman Jaya Park in Selangor. The flag off time is 8am. So far Gatorade and Swim Bike Run are the official partners. Those looking for a true test of their mind, body and spirit may be able to find the answers here. Don't be one of those runners who wonders if they can all their life. Now is the time to go out there and run.  Remember, we humans were meant to run! Those wishing to sign up can click here.