Saturday, 31 May 2014

1st National Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) Marathon 2014 (Perlis)

Perlis Full Marathon

The fact that the Sultan Mahmud International Bridge Run 2014 yet again has a full marathon was expected, and I even mentioned it to be so last year in my yearly round-up. I was pleasantly surprised by the Malacca River International Marathon 2014. That truly came from right out of the blue. Am looking for feedback on that one from constant runners after it is run. I have even contacted SMBR on their full marathon. My main issue being the 5 hour cut-off time. All right I admit it, I am a slow runner. However I know that not everyone can run a sub-5 hour full marathon in my group too. So my best guess is that they are trying to limit the number of participations, while runs like the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 are trying to get as many runners as possible to run it. It helps matters even more that the cut-off is 7 hours. My hometown Kuching Marathon 2014 is offering a 7 hour cut-off time, which is as generous as Penang. The fastest I have run so far is 5:45. This year I plan to run in many races, with some of them being ultras, and so I am not going to PB, as it will surely take too much out of my legs.

Along comes the 1st National Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) Marathon in Perlis. The name itself sounds very official. I will shorten it to MAF Marathon. I sincerely hope the organisers are not offended by this. It will be held on 25th June 2014 at 5am. That dear constant runner is in the middle of the week! Runners representing state affiliates and the Malaysian Armed Forces get to run for free! However the entries must come from the state affiliates and it is limited to 6 men and 4 women. Likewise foreign participation is also free but this is by invitation only with a maximum of 3 athletes per federation allowed. I would think that is fair since anymore and our brothers from the African continent will dominate. Ordinary Joes like me and you need to pay RM100 to register and the entries must be sent directly to the MAF. Local participation is limited to 300 runners. What do the participants get - a running vest and a certificate of participation. Only the top ten finishers in each category will get medals. There will not be a finisher t-shirt. What's more the cut-off time for men is 5 hours and for women is 5.5 hours.

I of course won't be able to run it, even if I could finish in a sub-5 hour time, because of my age. Maximum qualification age is 40 years as of 31st December 2014. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in the men and women category. First prize is USD3,000, second prize is USD2,000 and third prize is USD1,000. The run begins and ends at Stadium Tuanku Syed Putra, Kangar, Perlis. Am sure there will be those out there who are interested to run this. Below are the relevant instructions and registration forms. The entry form must be returned to MAF by 18th June 2014. Am so hoping this 5-hour cut-off time trend won't continue in future marathons that pop up in Malaysia. All it does is makes me consider running in Singapore and Thailand, which both have generous cut-off times. What's more for RM100 all a runner gets for running 42.195kim is a running vest and certificate of participation. Oh well, all I know is that this is one marathon am not able to run because of my age. Maybe if I were 40 and slimmer I would give it a go. However that doesn't mean my constant runners shouldn't sign up for it.

Momentum Run Series 4 - Open for registration!

25km night run during Ramadan

The Momentum Run Series is billed as a non-competitive event that helps gear our runners in Sarawak for the Kuching Marathon.  As it stands so far the response to the series has been phenomenal. Every evening runners can be seem running around town wearing the blue, yellow and red Momentum Run Series drifit t-shirts.  That only goes to show how popular the series has become. Yes I know, many of them are also gearing up for the Spring Live Active Run in two weeks time. That's also a big event here in Kuching. However now comes Series 4, which culminates in a 25km run. The really special thing about this run is that it is a night run through the kampung (village). Held on 12th July 2014, and starting at 8.30pm, this is I think is the longest run held in Malaysia during the month of Ramadan. I for one will be running it and see no problem in doing so after a light berbuka puasa. It's all a matter of race preparation. If you have done your training you will be ready come race day.

I know of friends from as far as Sabah who have been looking in envy at our Momentum Run Series here in Kuching. Four races with different colour drifit t-shirts and medals to match has pulled the runners in. Now for the 25km run those who finish will not only get the medal that completes the series, but they will also get a one of a kind 25km finisher t-shirt. All that for a RM60 registration fee. I know many runners nowadays complain about the registration fees. Well for me this is a really good deal. The fact that three of my friends from Kota Kinabalu signed up the moment registration opened goes to show what they thing about it. These are the same runners who ran with me at the Brooks Half Marathon 2014 in Bukit Jalil. We runners like to run in as many races as possible. However we also have to look at our budget. If the runs are in our hometown there is really no excuse why we should not sign up for it. Hopefully run like these will make the big organisers look to Kuching to organise something like a half marathon come next year.

When I started on my running adventure in 2012 we were happy to be getting cotton t-shirts and a certificate of participation. Now with the Momentum Run Series the ante has been  upped. We get Brooks drifit t-shirts and a medal to match its colour. I know of races in Kuching that cannot even match any of this. Yes, it's a budget run, and yes it doesn't use a timing chip, but runners still run their hearts out. Times are taken at the end for the top runners and they do get trophies too. There will be lucky draws of hampers and cash prizes at the end. The series has improved with each one. The last one, Momentum Run Series 3, saw 3 water stations and a banana station. I don't know about you, but I was mighty please with how things are progressing. There are only 300 slots available for Series 4. So please don't delay in signing up otherwise you will miss out on competing in this event. For all those who have done the first three runs, now is your chance to get that final medal... Those who want to sign up can go to Revolution Run Borneo's Facebook page for more info.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Locks of Hope Charity Fun Run 2014


Run with wig, run for cancer

Who wants to run wearing wigs for a good cause? The wigs can be purchased at the event itself. Distance to be run is 7km. Runners will get a running t-shirt, finisher medal, running bib and many more goodies. The registration fee is RM25. This charitable event will be held at 7am on 22nd June 2014 at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur. There will also be blood donation, charity haircut (by MMIS professional hairstylist) and lucky draws. Those who want to register can follow the steps below:

Steps for Registration :
1. LIKE the Run with Wig, Run for Cancer event page
( As there will be Daily Updates of Roadshow and information of the Run )
2. Print Out the Registration Form and fill in your details
3. Remit Payment to the Bank Account Number stated behind the Registration Form
4. Forward the Bank In Slip plus Registration Form to our Facebook Inbox or
5. You will receive a Receipt in Reply
6. Running t-shirt and bib collection will be on 20th and 21st June, 10am-7pm at Padang Merbok. Please bring along the receipt for collection.

Are you ready to sign up?

Runners Ruud Van Irwan and Mohd Azmi wearing wigs

Reebok ONE Challenge 2014

Who is up for the challenge?

Reebok ONE Challenge 2014 is a timed obstacle race and will be over a distance of 20.5km and incorporate more than 10 obstacles.  The various obstacles and the varied terrain promise to get the participants drenched.  This event will be held on 14th September 2014 at Putrajaya / Taman Cabaran.  The registration for the race is limited to only 3000 participants. It will open for online registration on 5th June 2014 at

Two Marathons Within 24 Hours - Revisited

Which one have you signed up for?

To be fair not all of us are insane enough to sign up for both full marathons. However it's nice to see what running tops, medals and finisher t-shirts now await those who participate and finish the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 and the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014. I always find it hilarious when runners complain about the medal design or the colour of the finisher t-shirt. To begin with runners should just be happy that they get marathons of this caliber to run in Malaysia. One of the richest countries in Southeast Asia only has a world class half marathon to look forward to. So yes I am thankful to be running a marathon to begin with. Yes, the rewards are there for us. Those who finish deserve it for the hours and hours of training they put into it. That's the part that non-runners never get to see. All they ask is how many kilometers did you run and how long did it take.

Yes I know there will be those who will run both full marathons come 11th and 12th October 2014. I also know others will run various combinations. Yes I have said the best combo would be running the half marathon at BSNPNM and the 10km (Leisure) at SCKLM. Do click here to refer to my previous post. That would garner the runner with the biggest rewards in terms of finisher t-shirt and racing cap, which of course comes courtesy of PNM. For those people who run for the running vests, medals and finisher t-shirt they can scroll down to see what suits their taste. Yes I am partial to bright colour because of the practicality of it for night running. However everyone has a favourite colour. All I know is I have yet to run the KL Marathon. That for me has always been the determining factor. Slowly but surely I plan to run every marathon in Malaysia. Unfortunately the one I wanted to sign up for, but didn't dare to last year, has a 5 hour cut off time.

Please note that if you haven't done so, you can still sign up for both marathons. Click here for BSNPNM and here for SCKLM. I know it 's a crazy idea, but I wonder if someone at Brooks would meet up with both race organisers and say that they are prepared to make a special combo FM finisher... Am hoping a big light bulb has just switched on somewhere. It's also a chance for both running organisers to show solidarity. After all without the runners there would be no marathon. Keep them satisfied and just maybe they will come back for even more next year. As mad as it may seem, this back-to-back FM is something truly unique to Malaysia, and most probably will not happen again. So I am sure many a runner would want to savour it to the max and remember the occasion forever through something tangible. Yellow is my favourite colour by the way... As always run happy and run safe.

BSN Putrajaya Night Run

Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Monday, 26 May 2014

Momentum Run Series 3 - Race Report

Three done and one more to go!

For those who have completed all three of the Momentum Runs it must be a truly wonderful feeling. I know of those whose journey in distance running has grown from strength to strength with each Momentum Run. Feel free to visit my previous posts on the event: Momentum Run Series 1 and Momentum Run Series 2, to learn what the fuss is all about. The Momentum Run Series was created to prepare runners for the upcoming Kuching Marathon (17th August 2014). Not many runners in Kuching are used to running distances longer than 10km. In fact most of the charity fun runs usually cover only 5km. So it was indeed a brave move on the organisers part to launch the Momentum Run Series. Momentum Run Series 1 covered 15km, while Series 2 covered 18km, and the just concluded Series 3 covered 21km.  Yours truly learned that many runners ran their first half marathon on Sunday. Even the lady who finished last was proud to tell me that each series was a first for that particular distance for her. What's more she was even prepared to run Series 4 - 25km!

Wherever we run in Kuching we can see runners wearing the colours of the Momentum Run t-shirts. Since the colours of the t-shirts match the medals you can imagine how colourful in makes the running scene here. Only one more run remains and that is Momentum Run Series 4, which will be a night run held on 12th July 2014 at 8.30pm. The reason that is so is because it will be held during the fasting month of Ramadan. I myself, as a Muslim, see no reason why I cannot run it. Am sure many of my fellow Muslim runners who are well trained will be able to complete the distance. Having done treadmill runs during the fasting month all I know is that I just feel thirstier. The organisers have shown in Series 3 how well they take care of the runners with 3 water stations and 1 banana station. Hopefully in Series 4 more goodies await the runners at the finish line that go beyond the yummy egg sandwiches and energy drinks. Hint: I could do with a real meal. For those who want to register you can do so at Revolution Run Borneo. The fee is RM60. There will be a special finisher t-shirt to go with green Brooks running top and green medal. Please be quick as only 300 slots are available.

As for Momentum Run Series 3, I myself just took it as a long fun run. It was nice meeting up with my fellow runners. It's kind of surreal when I run up to someone and they tell me they read my blog. Took the usual pictures. Was very proud of some of my friends who never attempted anything beyond 5km and still gave the half marathon a go. They know who they are, and one of them is in the pics below. Also I can see how serious some of the so-called older and slower runners are. I can also see that they have been training hard. Good on you! Yes it was nice to see the youngster give it a go too. Admittedly many ran out of steam towards the end as they didn't know how to pace themselves through the early going. However they finished the distance with pride. Some, like the lady who finished last, refused to board the sweeper bus. The distance was in fact 22km+, but who really cares? We all had a good time as can be adjudged from the pics below. The usual suspects won. Almost everyone stayed for the lucky draw of cash prizes and hampers. Hopefully this sort of running event will continue next year too.

Men's winner: Hobart Kho (1:40:48)

Women's winner: Tan Sii Eng (2:01:50)