Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Power of Love Charity Run - Report

Charity Run for Sarawak Children's Cancer Society

5km and 10km

Yours truly signed up for this charity run knowing full well that I couldn't run it. I would be in Kuala Lumpur running my first really long back to back races that weekend.  Since the Power of Love Charity Run is for my favourite charity, and yes I have gone bald twice for it, I chose to sign up for it, and then hand my bib to my friend Reuben Su to run it and then take pics for me.  So all the photos you see are thanks to him.  I was told that runners from as far as Australia and England were among the participants.  The 5km run was won by Mohd Farhan Mulyadiy.  Coming in second was Kenny Kho Hian Beng, who was one of the 2:30 pacers at this year's Spring Live Active Run, who helped 'me achieve my half marathon PB. In third spot was Damien Ng Heng Howe.  In the 10km run, Chong Yen Boon emerged victorious.  He was followed by Yeo Kia Hong and Kueh Kui Chai, who finished second and third respectively.  All the participants who finished within the cut off time got medals and certificates.

I shamelessly took the 2XL t-shirt for myself.  Reuben ran the 10km and so got his medal and cert. Isn't it amazing how many runs are happening so close to each other in Kuching right now.  How I wish I could run them all, however some of them overlap.  So choices have to be made.  It's events like this that help motivate young and old alike to lead a healthy lifestyle.  As of today it's 298 days before the Kuching Marathon is run.  I will try to keep everyone updated on any of the latest developments on my hometown marathon.  As it stands now all we can do is train and run the many short runs in Kuching.  Those who are lucky enough to run outside Sarawak and Malaysia, all I can say is good on you! From what I heard the Power of Love Charity Run was an outstanding success. Nothing beats running for charity for me when I can do so.  If it's not possible then my friends can always run in my shoes.  Below are assorted pics from the run...

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