Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Test your limits

Am sure my constant runners will be wondering what has happened to Fat Old Man Running. Well in a nutshell I have been having ankle problems ever since I attempted my crazy sequence of runs (5 in 36 days, and am not even counting the 34km I did on Day 38, for Malaysia Day, though I will proudly wear the finisher tee).  Since then I suffered a major trauma to the head in a bathroom fall, which praise be to Allah, has not left me with any internal injuries, however I am still mindful, as I have yet to run a full marathon after the incident. So Penang Bridge International Marathon will be a major test for me on whether all is well with my head. Yours truly just learned of an interesting 24 hours run. Click here to find out more. I have chatted with the organiser and she has impressed me enough to come out of semi-retirement to support this run. Though there is no guarantee I will run it next year, I would like others to learn more about it, and decide whether they want to a give it a try.

This craziness will never be repeated!

Who doesn't want to find out what their body is capable of? Well I can safely say I now know my limits. How many out there know theirs? 24H gives runners the chance to test how far they can go in an event format. The runners will be fully supported with a well stocked water station. Those who sign up will get a drifit running t-shirt, a drifit cap and a towel. Plus I have been informed that the runners who complete in the event in whatever distance or time they choose will be give a commemorative medal. I don't know about you, but for a 24 hour run that's fine with me. So in essence the runner themselves decide how many kms they want to cover or are capable of covering.  Of course the winner will be the person who covers the longest distance. However we all know that not everyone can win. Those who dare to run and finish are also winners. Nobody who participates in an event such as this loses.

For those who like loading up for such races, there will be a pre-run pasta party the night before, during race pack collection. Also during the full 24 hours, at the refreshment stations, food will be provided.  Fruits include bananas, oranges and apples. As for solid food, pastas, purees, boiled potatoes, rice, bread, hard boiled eggs and sausages will be made available. Snacks will consist of cakes, chips, chocolates, nuts and cereal bars. These will be put in a few mouthful portions so that runners can take a bit as they cross each time. There will also be a post-event breakfast. Why am I suddenly so excited? Must be all that mention about food. Now the participants will know that they have ample sustenance to keep them going for as long as they want too.  What's more a specific zone with tables and chairs will be cordoned off on the course for personal provisions.

A common area is available for sleeping arrangements and participant must bring their own sleeping materials sleeping bag, air mattress, pillow, and blankets. Participant may setup their own camping tent at designated area. Toilets and water facilities are available.  Bag drop facilities will also be made available for those who run unsupported.
The organiser has plans for more such runs in the future. So this 24H is only a starter. Their vision is to eventually create more endurance races like the 48-hours, 72-hours, 6-days and even 8-days, with all proceeds donated for good cause.
I know they are many runners out there complaining we don't have such races in Malaysia. So when the opportunity does arise do show your support, and not bemoan the missed opportunities. This event is limited to 100 participants only.  Keeping it small is always good in my opinion. This event will be held on 31st January to 1st February 2015 at Taman Jaya Park in Selangor. The flag off time is 8am. So far Gatorade and Swim Bike Run are the official partners. Those looking for a true test of their mind, body and spirit may be able to find the answers here. Don't be one of those runners who wonders if they can all their life. Now is the time to go out there and run.  Remember, we humans were meant to run! Those wishing to sign up can click here.

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