Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sarawak International Marathon 2015 - Announced!

Sarawak gets another 42.195km run!

Didn't dare say marathon as the word continues to get abused in our country. So to make sure everyone knows that the marathon in Bintulu is a full marathon I have put out the exact distance. We in Kuching felt very lucky to have had the Kuching Marathon this year. It was a huge success. Yours truly was hoping for even more long runs. Guess what it is starting to happen!  Sibu would have been the likeliest choice, since they have been running a half marathon, and calling it a marathon, for donkey years. However now that Bintulu has announced the Sarawak International Marathon on 22nd March 2015, the papers call it 'International' while on their Facebook page it remains Sarawak Marathon.  However what is certain now is the distance. Plus confirmed too are the half marathon, 10km and 5km runs.   There will also be a 1km Kids Dash and a 10km Corporate Challenge.

Fat Old Man Running is hungry for more news. We all have been told to stay tuned at their Facebook page and or for more information of the Grand Launch in December 2014. The clock is ticking very fast. The Volunteers Program and Event Registration will be opened by them. We runners in Sarawak are living in exciting times. Come 2015 we are guaranteed two full marathons in our State. Then there is a small matter of a run in Sibu that always seems to clash with the Borneo International Marathon... The more the merrier I say. What it does is give those living on the island of Borneo a chance to run long without having to fly out. In Brunei they have the inaugural BSB International Marathon on 16th November 2014. While in Sabah, next year, apart from BIM, there will also be the X12 Dark Run, which is also a full marathon, on 28th February 2015. That's five full marathons next year on the island of Borneo alone!

The full article can be read here.

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