Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Run for Peace 2013 - Run Report

Sokai Gakkai Malaysia (Kuching)

Went to the area just after 6am and the place was teeming with runners.  Saw people in pink everywhere. The crew were wearing light blue t-shirts. There were those who directed us to the parking bays behind the Civic Centre in Kuching.  It was done in an orderly and efficient way.  It's things like this that are always appreciated by yours truly.  That showed the organizers did sit down and plan things out and delegated people for various duties.  Suffice to say it was still quite dark when we walked to the amphitheatre.  The crowd had gathered early.  Soon our gym gang began to arrive.  The good part about such a run is that we got to see many people who don’t often run beyond the treadmill.  It was also nice to see guys wearing pink too. 

Sokai Gakkai Malaysia honorary secretary Tay Thing Swee gave his speech.  We were told to enjoy the 8km route and make new friends.  We did after all have a common goal – peace. Come to think of it we runners are a peace loving lot.  I have never seen any violent activity during any of my runs.  Like everyone else we abhor violence.  Then the Welfare Youth and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah gave her speech.  She went on to say that by turning up, we all endorsed peace and were thus envoys of peace. I liked the sound of that.  The DBKU Mayor Datuk Abang Wahap Abang Julai was also in attendance.  Yours truly was happy to note the mayor did complete the entire run. 

I have nothing but praise for how the entire event was run.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  Everyone was out to have a good time. I saw parents with their children and even babies in strollers amongst the participants.  Young and old, and even foreigners joined in.  The marshals were at every junction to help us cross.  Yes, the speedsters among us had to do their thing.  They were born to run fast so they should do so whenever the opportunity arose.  Some had been doing their LSD runs even before the Run for Peace started.  That was how dedicated they were to their marathon training.  This sort of enthusiasm and dedication to training is what long distance running is all about.  If I wasn’t running long till October I would have joined them too. Besides this time I had my camera with me!

All told, 2,500 people from all walks of life took part in the event.  All over Malaysia some 50,000 people would take part in this run. We were all united in our quest for peace.  Many would later sign the wall of peace.  I added my John Hancock too.  Am happy to note that at the water station we had a choice of three different flavours of 100 Plus.  Then at the finish line we all got 500ml of water and our certificates.  All the gym gang looked happy to have joined in the run.  After taking even more pictures we left to have a late breakfast.  Some, I noticed, ate like they had just run their first full marathon.  Am hoping that this sort of run becomes a yearly event.  I am positive the response will be good every year.  The event went beyond the need for prizes or medals.  By joining we were all winners. 

Esther, Nasa & Mann

Yours Truly, Nasa & Mann

Bernard, Nasa & Pinky (in pink) hehe....

Three preeties: Jaime, Yee Hung & Sheryl

Running babes: Nasa, Chloe, Mary Anne & Pinky

KC, Reuben (not conforming to the pink), me, Bernard & Mann

Cheer leaders doing their thing.

Reuben, Christopher & William

Nasa & Loh

Marie & Nasa (with big grins)

Hamming for the cam: Chloe & Nasa

Peace! Mary Anne.

Big smiles from Loh & Chloe

More hamming: Chloe & Mann

"We come to you in peace" - SuShi & Frances

Skip, hop and smile - Wilson & Wendy

Impromptu pit stop (notice the dim sum?)

Something in the dim sum made them like this.

Lim and Jaime with the same dim sum containers from earlier

No age limit for peace

Hottie on the go - Wendy & Wilson

Yee Hung and moi

Alex and Junior

Marie at the finish

Group pic minus me... boo hoo

The Running Doggy begging for muacks from SuShi, Wendy, Agnes & Chloe

Someone and their tart

Resting on the seats

Nobody can resist the box of goodies

Me with the DBKU Mayor

Me and Reuben

Nasa, Chloe, me and Reuben

Time for hugs: Wendy, Pinky, Nasa, Jaime & Chloe

8km grads (for peace)

Foreigners who took part in the run

Yee Hung with her appetizer

Frances pouting and showing off her chaffing (no, it wasn't from the 8km)

Nasa, Frances & Yee Hung waiting for food

Group munchies!

Reuben and Frances together

Yee Hung attacking her main course

Enjoying laksa - Nasa & Sheryl

Group munchies #2

Nasa & Poh Na

Jaime and me


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