Thursday, 28 August 2014

BSB International Marathon 2014

Brunei's very own full marathon!

The wait is finally over! After years of running the Standard Chartered Half Marathon, the running community in Brunei will now have their very own full marathon.  It used to be that runners from Sarawak had to go to Sabah to run the Borneo International Marathon. Now runners in Sarawak can enjoy running their very own Kuching Marathon. With Brunei announcing this full marathon runners in Borneo have the option to run three full marathons without leaving the island. Who knows in the near future there might be a full marathon in Kalimantan, Indonesia too. Imagine running four full marathons in Borneo? That mere thought was inconceivable just a year ago. I for one am very excited at the prospect of even more marathons being added to the running calendar. What it does is give us runners a choice on what races to run locally and in neighbouring countries without breaking our piggy banks.

That's the good news. Initially in Facebook, on 25th August 2014, it was announced on the banner that this marathon would be held on 16th November 2014! As we constant runners know that is also the date for the Penang Bridge International Marathon and the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon. Then three days later the date was changed to 2nd November 2014, which got me all excited. After which the date reverted back again to 16th November 2014 and a quick check on their official website reveals that the BSB International Marathon remains on that date, which sadly means I won't be able to run it since am signed up for PBIM! For those runners who seldom travel out of Borneo to run I would recommend this marathon. This is especially for those in Sarawak who have been bitten by the marathon bug. Registration will open on 1st September 2014.

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