Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Great Race 2014

Royal Brunei Airlines' 40th Anniversary Charity Race

Yours truly must admit to smiling when he found out about this "The Great Race". It was like, why have I not heard about it before if it is a "great race"? Now I know why...  Lets hear what the organisers have to say, shall we? "In conjunction with Royal Brunei Airlines' 40th Anniversary, Royal Brunei (RB) is organizing a charity race for the public called "The Great Race", and it will be the anchor event for RB's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The Great Race will take place on Sunday 19th October 2014. With six different categories, The Great Race will be a different experience from other marathons as it is a marathon with challenges tailored with an aviation concept.  RB has appointed Green Brunei and Brunei Paralympics to be the beneficiaries for The Great Race 2014. The proceeds from The Great Race 2014 will assist Green Brunei to move forward with the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project along the Sungai Damuan at Kampong Bengkurong, and likewise, Brunei Paralympics with their activities."

First of, there is a Corporate Team Challenge. I guess we can give that one a miss. The events where the money is are the 5km Short Haul and the 10km Long Haul. There's 3km Happy Flight for the fun runners that of course comes with no prize money. What I do know is the 10km event comes with 4 obstacles. Online registration has already started. All registration will end on 19 September 2014. Those wanting to learn more can visit their website by clicking here. Those who want to register can click here Please not that this event is only open to Brunei residents with a Brunei address. Now it seems really ironic why they call it a great race. Oh well, those who want to run in Brunei can always join the inaugural full marathon there.

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  1. Sadly only valid if you are a resident of Brunei :(