Saturday, 30 August 2014

Charity Walk with Happy 2014

A truly happy walk for charity

Last year I joined the Charity Walk with Happy, and had an enjoyable experience. Click here to find out more. This year the charity event is back  and their target charity is S.O.S. Kids Kuching. Click here to visit their Facebook page. Registration ends on 6th September 2014. So those who have not registered for this 5km fun event please do so quickly. It will be held on 21st September 2014 at the Taman Le' Park (formerly Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre) at 6am.  RM20 gets the participant a t-shirt and lots of goodies, plus snacks and drinks. The Lian Hua Seng, or Happy Rice people, take good care of their participants as can be attested from last year's event. This charity event is ideally suited for those who are not ready yet to run 5km and want to give a walk a try. Those needing to know more can visit their website. The official registration form can be seen below.

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