Friday, 13 June 2014

Marathon Maniac #9478 - George Albert William Chapman

Maniac #31 from Malaysia

Am proud to announce that George Albert William Chapman has been accepted as a Marathon Maniac. The Maniacs (click are a group of runners who are insanely passionate about running full marathons. George follows on the heels of Philip YK Chua (Maniac #8255), Shannon Francis Lee Bala (Maniac #8234) and yours truly (Maniac #7614). There are now officially four Maniacs in the city of Kuching. George only started running marathons last year, and he ran his first marathon at the Borneo International Marathon (25th August 2013), which I also participated in. To date George has run in five marathons, with the latest being the Laguna Phuket International Marathon (8th June 2014). He has signed up for even more marathons, and will soon be wearing the yellow, red and black colours of the Maniacs in them. All told Malaysia has 31 Marathon Maniacs according to the Insane Asylum database. As of today there are 9,480  Marathon Maniacs all over the world. The biggest concentration of course is in America. The rest of the Maniacs are scattered all over the world. Malaysia are in 5th spot! Anyone who is crazy about running full marathons can also become a Maniac if they want to. Just click on their website and discover what it takes.


  1. Am planning to join the Marathon Maniac too once I've completed Penang Bridge for the Bronze 3 Marathons in 90 days. Just realized you will springboard yourself to Iridium Level once you've done the BSN Night + SCKLM! More power to you!

  2. Two FMs within 24 hours in Malaysia is something I would never pass up. If we meet up during any FM just tell me you cute moniker and I will remember this comment.