Monday, 2 June 2014

Borneo 100km Ultra Trail Marathon 2015 - Open for registration!

50km and 100km in Sabah

Those who have run The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT) Ultra Marathon in Sabah know how tough it actually is. Well this year's TMBT is on 16th August 2014. Next year on 29th August 2015 there will be the Borneo 100km Ultra Trail Marathon. Registration is now open for Malaysians and Singaporeans for the entire month of June 2014. Why do they have such an early 'early bird' registration? Well to begin with, Adidas is the new apparel sponsor, and there will need a year to prepare the running t-shirts and the finisher wind jackets (for the 100km participants). In this case the early bird who finishes does indeed get the worm. I must say this is very tempting even for yours truly. The 50km cut-off time is 12 hours. Of course the expected altitude gain is 2000-2500m. Whereas for the 100km, the expected altitude gain is 3000-3500m, with the cut-off time being 24 hours. Those who want to know more or to register can click here to visit the official website.

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