Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Running Happy in Kuching

Runs to look forward to in Kuching

I remember a time we in Kuching used to complain about the lack of running events. Then the Spring Live Active Run came along. After that the Momentum Run Series happened. Very soon there will even be the Kuching Marathon. The major running clubs in the city have been very active too. This Sunday sees the 3rd edition of the Spring Live Active Run (15th June 2014). I have been informed by the organisers that they will accept last minute registration during race pack collection on 13th and 14th June 2014.  So those who have not signed up can still do so. A week later, on 22nd June 2014, is the Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge. I have taken part in this event in 2012 and 2013, and it is quite challenging as the name suggests, especially the 15km, which involves a mountain climb. Come Ramadan, for the first time we in Kuching will be having a night run on 12th July 2014 - the Momentum Run Series 4. This 25km run starts at 8.30pm.

After that the long wait will finally be over for the Kuching Marathon on 17th August 2014. I know many FMVs will be running it, and friends from Sabah, the peninsula and also Singapore. This is the not to be missed running event of the year in Kuching. The running does not stop there. I have just learned that on 14th September 2014 there will be the Hills-Pullman Malaysia Day Tower Run. This comprises of a 4km and run and a 48 level stair climb. It is the first time that such an event has been organised in Kuching. So circle that date folks, as this is another not to be missed run. Come 28th September 2014 there will be the SSPCA Animazing Race. If it follows last year's trend this will be a 10km run. There is also, yet unconfirmed news, that Sarawak Energy Berhad will have their run, which will be open to the general public in September too. Lets hope that this run does not clash with other runs in Kuching.

If that isn't enough, the Monster Dash will be back for its second edition on 4th October 2014. This is truly a fun 5km night run that should see family members running together.  Who would have imagine so many runs in Kuching only a couple of years ago?  I for one would like to thank again the running clubs - the Hornbill Pacesetters, the O-Run-Utans, Reservoir Park, and the City Joggers Club, for organising numerous training runs, that motivate our local runners to sign up for numerous running events in Kuching and around the country, and even to Singapore and Thailand. That's the sort of running spirit that every runner likes to see.  Who knows with so many runners in Kuching signing up for runs we might even see bigger organisers from the peninsula coming over to organise half marathons and even trail runs and ultras. We in Sarawak are blessed with such a huge land mass that offers so much untapped potential. We have the runners. Now all we need are the events.

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