Monday, 11 November 2013

Charity Walk with Happy 2013 - Report

Happy rice 4km walk

Kidney Foundation charity

2,800 walkers

Charity Walk with Happy was organised by Lian Hua Seng Sdn Bhd.  For those not from Kuching, this company produces rice.  This event was held for the second year running to raise funds for the Kidney Foundation of Che Hia Khor Moral Uplifting Society.  They had initially expected 1,200 people to register for the walk.  However on that Sunday morning 2,800 people turned up in light pink t-shirts to walk along the Kuching Waterfront right up to Padungan and back in the name of charity.  What was even more heartening to note was that for every RM5 donated, the organisers matched that amount.  There were those who would make on the spot personal donations too. There was also a both set up for those who wanted to buy the foundation's t-shirt to support the kidney dialysis aid they were giving for those who needed it. Since I was allowed by my physician to walk but not run, I went as early as 6.15am to take pics.  There were many an avid runner in the crowd. Most noticeable was the bright orange tops of the City Cat Joggers Club runners.

Yours truly was a snap happy person that morning. Met up with a couple of friends and even made new ones.  There was an aerobic warm-up session and speeches.  The walk started a bit later.  The heat was getting a bit unbearable.  Luckily I didn't wear the pink top provided as I had anticipated such an eventuality.The walk itself was uneventful.  Some even chose to run it rather than walk so that they could return quickly to get their goodie bag and meal treats.  Suffice to say the Happy crew gave us lots of drinks, from isotonic to water to juices.  They was chicken porridge and butter buns too. More goodies awaited us in the hamper.  Such was the efficiency of the Happy crew that there wasn't a long queue in sight.  We could even come back for seconds and thirds, which some of us did, especially when it came to the chilled drinks. From how well this event was organised it is no surprise that people flock to sign up for it.  Here's me hoping that others can learn from the Happy crew. Next year my friends and I will happily sign up again! By the way I was a bit guilty of running ahead to take pictures.  See even I can come up with excuses to run!

Albert Tan with his family
Me surrounded by a bevy of beauties from the kidney foundation
Me posing with the City Cat Joggers Club runners
Me with Azizul Razak flexing our muscles
The boss man for CCJC
Participants filling up the area
Happy rice mascot
DBKU Mayor 
Some of the OKU participants
Lots of isotonic drinks for everyone
Crowd swelling up
Me with familiar faces from Saturday
Hey pretty ladies...
Very young participant
Someone warming up for the walk
Azizul and friend
CCJC warming up
Aerobic session
Everyone was warming up
Time for a walk
Our macho traffic cop
Pose for the fat old man running please
Walk this way
Mother and two daughters
A river of pink...
The little one wants to go
All sizes joined in
Thirsting for some honey
Show me the muscles!
More familiar faces
My goodies
The kidney dialysis t-shirt and button

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