Monday, 1 September 2014

Malaysia Day Run 2014

Faces without Races

Nothing better to do on 16th September 2014, and wanting to show your love for your country and your fellow men?  Well, if you are a runner, and want to run in a group on that Tuesday morning, we in Kuching have just the run for you! Come just us for a run to Damai Sentral from the Amphitheater. If you feel the 34km distance is too much for you, having not run the full 42.195km at the recent Kuching Marathon, then you can stop at the Santubong Bridge for a 20km run. Then you will be driven to Damai Sentral. For those who want an even shorter distance, they can start at the Santubong Bridge itself and run to Danai Sentral to cover 14km. Then for those fun runners among us, they can start from the road entrance to Santubong Village and finish at Damai Sentral for a 4km run. Refreshments will be served at Damai Sentral. Approximate finishing times are between 7am to 8am. We will wait till the last runner returns.  Those wanting to register for this run can contact Jay Then at Please provide your name, email address, distance, and t-shirt size (chest width: XS 38cm, S 40cm, M 44cm, L 46cm, XL 48cm). The registration fee is RM35, subject to a slight change, if necessary.  Water stations will be at Santubong and at the start point for the 4km besides the final one at Damai Sentral. The run guide will be provided. The dateline for registration is 3rd September 2014. T-shirts will be distributed to participants on or by 14th September 2014. I have been inundated by inquiries of whether there are medals and prizes. Please note that this is a patriotic run and not a race. The t-shirt is just for us to commemorate the occasion.

Flag off time:
3:30am from amphitheater for 20km and 34km.
5:45am from Santubong Bridge for 14km.
7:00am for 4km starting from road entrance to Santubong Villages


Special 34km Finisher T-shirt available!

The organisers of the Malaysia Day Run in Kuching have created a special 34km Finisher T-shirt for those runners who have signed up and completed the distance. They can purchase this T-shirt for a nominal fee having met these requirements. Interested parties can contact Jay Then. Please note no category change will be entertained.


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