Saturday, 31 May 2014

1st National Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) Marathon 2014 (Perlis)

Perlis Full Marathon

The fact that the Sultan Mahmud International Bridge Run 2014 yet again has a full marathon was expected, and I even mentioned it to be so last year in my yearly round-up. I was pleasantly surprised by the Malacca River International Marathon 2014. That truly came from right out of the blue. Am looking for feedback on that one from constant runners after it is run. I have even contacted SMBR on their full marathon. My main issue being the 5 hour cut-off time. All right I admit it, I am a slow runner. However I know that not everyone can run a sub-5 hour full marathon in my group too. So my best guess is that they are trying to limit the number of participations, while runs like the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 are trying to get as many runners as possible to run it. It helps matters even more that the cut-off is 7 hours. My hometown Kuching Marathon 2014 is offering a 7 hour cut-off time, which is as generous as Penang. The fastest I have run so far is 5:45. This year I plan to run in many races, with some of them being ultras, and so I am not going to PB, as it will surely take too much out of my legs.

Along comes the 1st National Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) Marathon in Perlis. The name itself sounds very official. I will shorten it to MAF Marathon. I sincerely hope the organisers are not offended by this. It will be held on 25th June 2014 at 5am. That dear constant runner is in the middle of the week! Runners representing state affiliates and the Malaysian Armed Forces get to run for free! However the entries must come from the state affiliates and it is limited to 6 men and 4 women. Likewise foreign participation is also free but this is by invitation only with a maximum of 3 athletes per federation allowed. I would think that is fair since anymore and our brothers from the African continent will dominate. Ordinary Joes like me and you need to pay RM100 to register and the entries must be sent directly to the MAF. Local participation is limited to 300 runners. What do the participants get - a running vest and a certificate of participation. Only the top ten finishers in each category will get medals. There will not be a finisher t-shirt. What's more the cut-off time for men is 5 hours and for women is 5.5 hours.

I of course won't be able to run it, even if I could finish in a sub-5 hour time, because of my age. Maximum qualification age is 40 years as of 31st December 2014. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in the men and women category. First prize is USD3,000, second prize is USD2,000 and third prize is USD1,000. The run begins and ends at Stadium Tuanku Syed Putra, Kangar, Perlis. Am sure there will be those out there who are interested to run this. Below are the relevant instructions and registration forms. The entry form must be returned to MAF by 18th June 2014. Am so hoping this 5-hour cut-off time trend won't continue in future marathons that pop up in Malaysia. All it does is makes me consider running in Singapore and Thailand, which both have generous cut-off times. What's more for RM100 all a runner gets for running 42.195kim is a running vest and certificate of participation. Oh well, all I know is that this is one marathon am not able to run because of my age. Maybe if I were 40 and slimmer I would give it a go. However that doesn't mean my constant runners shouldn't sign up for it.

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