Tuesday, 2 September 2014

CJC 20th Thursday Night Run

5km and 10km Runs

Constant runners in Kuching will know that every Thursday night at MBKS the City Jogger's Club of  organises a run. The distances are usually 5km and 10km with the routes changing from time to time. All runners are invited to join these runs. It doesn't matter how young or old, or fit you are. Or whether you are a member of the club or not. What matters is your willingness to run. Those wanting to join need only pay an RM2 registration fee. Our CJC members will act as road marshals to insure the safety of the runners. Of course runners must play their part too and observe basic road safety measures. It is advisable for runners to wear bright coloured clothing and also use blinkers or strobe lights to enhance visibility at night. When running with children please make sure they run close to you too. Be sure to sign in before the run and sign out after completing the run. Otherwise CJC runners will have to go out searching for you. Having run this night run several times I can assure everyone that it is very well organised. Runners are entitled to drinks and fruits and sometimes even porridge and noodles after the run. Fellow runners frequently donate other goodies too from chocolate wafers to even beer! So each time a runner joins this event what awaits them at the finishing line maybe completely different. What is for sure is that the CJC Club takes really good care of their runners. The run usually starts at 7.30pm. There is usually a zumba session before that so it is advisable to be there by 7pm on 4th September 2014.

CJC 20th Thursday Night Run route

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  1. Im interested to run along but as a new runner, my pace is slow. I am not from kuching therefore i am not very familiar with the route. Especially at night time my topographically orientation is not at its best. As a slow runner i worried i left behind and lost. I wonder if all the running clubs in kch have someone to run along with the new runner just to make sure they run the correct route. Cheers :) i love to run...