Friday, 12 September 2014

TITI 100 2015 - Open for registration!

TITI 100 is back with a BIG difference!

My constant runners will know that TITI Ultra 50km was my first experience at an ultra. Though things didn't go as planned for me I did finish the run, which actually was 53km. Undaunted I vowed to myself that I would face my demons head on again. The plan was always for me to go for TITI 100 in 2015. However as luck would have it, it falls on the same weekend as the Malaysia Women Marathon! Even though MWM was called off because of the haze I still had the most enjoyable time there, and vowed to return. My favourite Marathon Maniac, Nasa Zaidul, has said she wants to run MWM again, so my pacing services are available, and I will get to wear my MWM finisher skirt again! Am sure many guys who are doing pacing duties will do the same too. However this is about TITI 100. This year there are going to go long. By long I don't mean 100 miles, I mean 200km! That is simply a mind boggling distance for someone like me who has thus far only completed 84km.

Yes I got my trusty calculator out.  Forty hours for 200km is very fair. Just ignore the hills. I have no idea how many hours sleep I would need, as at this point I have yet to attempt 100km. Am game to try TITI 100 next year, but not the 200km yet. For those who want an even bigger challenge than Penang Ultra 100km, which sure looked like the toughest road run in Malaysia to me, know what they have to do. Lets leave it to those who run both 100kms and let them tell us what is what, so that we get to know which is the toughest run in Malaysia.  Those wanting to know more and also to register can click here. The organisers are rather vague on what the runners will get for running this race. Hopefully this year there will be a running vest to go with the finisher t-shirt and also a real medal instead of a plastic running man trophy. I like the fact that the Penang Ultra used a steel belt buckle. Now that's something for them to think about. All I can say right now is that I want that buckle!

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