Saturday, 31 May 2014

Momentum Run Series 4 - Open for registration!

25km night run during Ramadan

The Momentum Run Series is billed as a non-competitive event that helps gear our runners in Sarawak for the Kuching Marathon.  As it stands so far the response to the series has been phenomenal. Every evening runners can be seem running around town wearing the blue, yellow and red Momentum Run Series drifit t-shirts.  That only goes to show how popular the series has become. Yes I know, many of them are also gearing up for the Spring Live Active Run in two weeks time. That's also a big event here in Kuching. However now comes Series 4, which culminates in a 25km run. The really special thing about this run is that it is a night run through the kampung (village). Held on 12th July 2014, and starting at 8.30pm, this is I think is the longest run held in Malaysia during the month of Ramadan. I for one will be running it and see no problem in doing so after a light berbuka puasa. It's all a matter of race preparation. If you have done your training you will be ready come race day.

I know of friends from as far as Sabah who have been looking in envy at our Momentum Run Series here in Kuching. Four races with different colour drifit t-shirts and medals to match has pulled the runners in. Now for the 25km run those who finish will not only get the medal that completes the series, but they will also get a one of a kind 25km finisher t-shirt. All that for a RM60 registration fee. I know many runners nowadays complain about the registration fees. Well for me this is a really good deal. The fact that three of my friends from Kota Kinabalu signed up the moment registration opened goes to show what they thing about it. These are the same runners who ran with me at the Brooks Half Marathon 2014 in Bukit Jalil. We runners like to run in as many races as possible. However we also have to look at our budget. If the runs are in our hometown there is really no excuse why we should not sign up for it. Hopefully run like these will make the big organisers look to Kuching to organise something like a half marathon come next year.

When I started on my running adventure in 2012 we were happy to be getting cotton t-shirts and a certificate of participation. Now with the Momentum Run Series the ante has been  upped. We get Brooks drifit t-shirts and a medal to match its colour. I know of races in Kuching that cannot even match any of this. Yes, it's a budget run, and yes it doesn't use a timing chip, but runners still run their hearts out. Times are taken at the end for the top runners and they do get trophies too. There will be lucky draws of hampers and cash prizes at the end. The series has improved with each one. The last one, Momentum Run Series 3, saw 3 water stations and a banana station. I don't know about you, but I was mighty please with how things are progressing. There are only 300 slots available for Series 4. So please don't delay in signing up otherwise you will miss out on competing in this event. For all those who have done the first three runs, now is your chance to get that final medal... Those who want to sign up can go to Revolution Run Borneo's Facebook page for more info.

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