Thursday, 8 May 2014

Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge 2014 - Open for registration!

Who wants to challenge nature?

The Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge is now open for registration. This event is organised by the Padawan Municipal Council (PMC) and Borneo Highlands Resort (BHR) and managed by Ga'ang Skuai Academy (GSA). It will be held on 22nd June 2014 and take place and Kampung Annah Rais and BHR. Four categories are open for registration:

1. MPP Chairman Challenge Trophy (Open) - 10km cycling and 15km trekking - RM250 per team of two.
2. Penrissen Summit Trekking Challenge (Open) - 15km trekking - RM100 per team of two.
3. Batu Panggah Trekking Challenge (Open) - 10km trekking - RM100 per team of two
4. Borneo Highlands Run Challenge (Men and Women) - 8km road run - RM30 per person

Yours truly has taken part in this event in 2012 (10km) and 2013 (15km). Those who want to read more about my adventures doing this challenge can click here. I must warn those attempting this 'nature challenge' after running the Spring Live Active Run a week early that this run is for those who are skilled in jungle trail running. Several parts of the route is extremely challenging and can be dangerous if the runner is not fit enough or gets careless. The 15km route is only recommended for those who are familiar with such challenges or have done the 10km the previous year and want to step it up a notch. Being able to run 21km at SLAR is no guarantee that the runner is ready for the 15km which involves climbing to the peak of Mount Penrissen (1,329m), which dwarfs Mount Santubong (810m) or even Mount Serapi (911m). The elevation is what will trouble the novice trail runner. Be warned that there will be leeches of the most aggressive kind that may not have taste human blood in ages.

Do visit their Facebook page by clicking here if you want to know how to manually register as like in years past this is the only way to do so.  Those who want to register can go directly to Ga'ang Skuai Academy (GSA) at 1st FL, SL 69, Lot 55, 10th Mile, Kota Padawan, Jln Penrissen (It is nearby to Giant).
The email is For more information on the event call 012-8088744 and 014-9666546

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