Friday, 1 November 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon 2014

Open for registration today!

Second edition of MWM

Guys can join as pacer

Yours truly missed out on this last year. MBF was not ready to run an FM. She only completed her first FM at River Jungle Marathon. So you can imagine my joy that she's now a full marathon runner. Am so hoping she signs up for the second edition of Malaysia Women Marathon.  The cut off is a doable seven hours. If MBF runs this I will pace her the whole way like I did at RJM, and that is a promise. This run is not about me. This run is for her. It is a marathon especially for women. Not many women get such a wonderful chance to run in their very own marathon.  Many thanks to Karen Loh for making this marathon possible.  We understand how hard it is to create a new marathon from scratch.  Being Malaysians it is our responsibility to support our local runs first and then go overseas to run.  All my runs in 2014 will be in Malaysia.  There are no plans yet or need to run overseas. Coming from Kuching to run in Kuala Lumpur is like going overseas to us! 

I sincerely hope that many of my friends in Kuching sign up for this race. If your guy has no confidence in running 42.195km, then join the HM, and get him to pace you.  Imagine how cool it is for a guy to wear a a running vest or a finisher t-shirt that reads: Malaysia Women Marathon. It most definitely will be a talk piece. Many men out there say there will do anything for their better halves. Go ahead and take this opportunity to prove it.  I have done it. I have paced MBF in her first full marathon.  Now it's your turn to do just that and get rewarded with a medal and a finisher t-shirt.  What she wins is what you win, and not the other way round, all right? Lets try to make MWM a thorough success by signing up for it.  You can be sure I will be signing up for it today.  Hope to see you guys there come 16th March 2014.  Of course if the woman does not have a pacer she can run alone too. This is after all a marathon for women first and foremost.  So if you need to know more about this marathon click here, or if you have made up your mind and want to register then click here. Happy running always everyone!

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