Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gunung Nuang Ultra 2014

Second Edition

2nd March 2014

10km loop trail run (mininum 50km)

Anyone itching to try test their legs on a trail run?  We in Kuching now know that the Kuching Marathon will be held on 17th August 2014. In neighbouring Sabah there will have their most formidable and famous TMBT ultra trail runs on 16th August and also the Hasuu Tasu trail run on 17th August. So those loyal Kuchingites who want to run a trail run before that might want to give the Gunung Nuang Ultra a try. Being a loop run it is much different from the point to point runs of the TMBT. However this run, in it's second edition is well supported and a good test for those wanting to wet their feet in trail running. The runner can stop at any time. It will be a good indicator on how far an individual's trail running has come. Even I know it takes a lot to run trails. Road running is like a walk in the part by comparison. In order to get the medal and finisher t-shirt the trail runner has to complete a minimum of five 10km loops (50km total) within 12 hours. I have no knowledge of ultra running (yet) or trail running (beyond 15km) so am not qualified to pass any sort of judgement on it. I differ to the experts. Jamie Pang, an ultra runner and blogger, has told me that I can do it. However that is his opinion based on what he knows of me.

Those who are interested to know more about this ultra do click here. Those who think they want to give this ultra a try before attempting something like the TMBT ultra trail runs can register here. One thing is for certain the TMBT series will be more challenging this year with the distance changing from 50km to 55km for the shorter ultra trail run. The longer run still remains at 100km. Also the Hasuu Tasu (25-28km) is run on a different day with a supposedly easier route for those who want to test themselves to see if they can handle the even tougher TMBT series. Honestly who doesn't want to test themselves? However for me and am sure for every Kuchingite the Kuching Marathon comes first. Who knows maybe in 2015 the dates will not clash. As for now we can only look for other ultras to run. Am happy to note next year there will be ultras on the Malaysian racing calendar. Then there are the duathlons and triathlons too. I don't know about you but I think we are spoiled for choices.

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