Monday, 11 November 2013

Larian Kesihatan MAKSAK Perkhidmatan Awam - Report

Another Government Run

2km, 5km and 3km

Bandit Runner?

Learned about this run from friends. Alas I don't work for the government so was unable to run it. However was told that the registration for this MAKSAK run was very poor. They would allow outsiders to run but they weren't allowed to wear bibs or claim any prizes.  A couple of runners did go to join in for fun.  They were treated well and given water. Yours truly approached the counter to see if last minute registration was possible. Yes it was! However when asked which department I worked for I told the truth. I could have easily lied. What's the point in doing so, right? Besides I had not come to run. I had come to support my friends. My physician had warned me not to run the day before. He almost blew a gasket when I told him I had planned to run in not one but too races on Saturday. My reasoning was that it was only 5km and 7.2km. He would hear none of that. So there I was relegated to wearing flip flops and watching others have all the fun.

The VIPs would run 2km, the veterans 3km and the open category 5km. Suffice to say it was yet again the usual suspects who breasted the imaginary tape first.  There was a wide grin inducing scene when the woman's open was 'won' by a lady who was very heavy-set. I have nothing again heavy-set ladies mind you. She apparently had run the 3km route and didn't have the pre-requisite ribbons. I chose not to post her picture. So her moment of glory was shortlived.  Many runners took the event very seriously, especially in the open category, where the army boys thundered home untouched.  The VIPs looked like they were having the most fun.  Some was seen chatting and joking with their buddies right up to the finish line.  What matters was that they were doing something.  While most of us were still most probably eating breakfast. Hopefully when the Kuching Marathon comes around next year we will see VIPs running in at least the fun run category.

Now I would like to address an issue that is big on Facebook right now - the illegal selling of bibs and also bandit runners.  Please do not support those people who want to sell their bibs. If they cannot run the race they shouldn't have signed up in the first place. If for legitimate reasons they cannot run it, they can tell the organiser and maybe some arrangement can be made for others to run for them legally. If not done legally than it is a big no.  Bib selling can cost a lot of problems especially if the person wins the race or is suddenly injured.  Who is the contact person? What is their blood type? Think first before endangering yourself and others.  Then there are those bandit runners.  Yes the road is everyone's.  However if there is a race on that day have some courtesy.  It is easy to change your run route.  Don't tell me you were planning to run the exact same 42.195km... Remember by running with those who have legitimately registered you too are causing a lot of harm.  What happens if you get injured? Who gets blamed?

For me it was a great pity to see such a poor response for a government run.  Makes me wonder whether we in Kuching have gotten used to free t-shirts and medals from the charity runs.  The joy in the run should always be the run itself.  If it helps others than that is an added bonus.  Being on the sidelines gave me ample time to survey things.  Not one but two ambulances were provided.  Members from the Kuching Marathon Association were on hand to lend support.  This came in handy when some of the results were questioned.  In the future it would be nice if MAKSAK opened the run in a special category for outsiders.  Am sure if that were to happen the participation would swell.  There are rumours of a big run happening in December.  I will do my best to keep my fellow runners informed.  Some are saying there will be branded running vest and medals! Am sure that would whet the appetite of runners in Kuching.  The distance though might be a bit long for many as this would kick start a running campaign that would culminate in KM2014.

Olivia and Tracy in Monster Dash mode
Warming up
Isn't this fun?
Some are a bit slow...
Others just want to have fun
Putrajaya Night Marathon all over again?
Ready to go run
Men's veteran all set for flag off
Picture taking time...
Go go go!
VIP flag off
VIPs ready to rumble
Van following them just in case
VIP winner
Men's veteran winner
Woman's veteran winner
City Cat Joggers Club veteran runner
Woman's veteran runner up
Woman's veteran third place finisher
Happy VIP finisher
Ecstatic VIP finisher
Men's Open winner
Men.s Open 2nd
Men's Open 3rd
Happy to position in Woman's Open
Coming home strong
Another run completed
Doing the monster jiggle
Catch me on FB
Me with the Kuching Marathon Association team

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