Monday, 4 November 2013

Warriors Charity Run - Report

5km Run

Army Firepower


Always nice to get up close and personal with Malaysia's finest. Thank goodness there was a run involved too. Ran with 500 others. Most of them were our men and women from the armed forces.  Yet again was happy to see so many familiar faces. The fact that there wasn't any t-shirt or a medal for any of the participants meant nothing to our die-hard tarmac pounders. They came out to run for the joy of it. Yes there were cash prizes for the top three in each category, but most of us knew we never stood a chance against the speedsters.  For a change army personnel manned the road intersections. This was the safest run I have ever been in. The traffic cops were around too but it was mainly our boys in green in action.  We did start at 8am on a Saturday, which for me is rather late for an 8km run. The heat was felt by all. There was a water station at the halfway mark. Trust the army to put km markers along the route.  It's things like that that always make me smile.

The army had their tents out. Each tent highlighted some aspect of the army. There was even a tent for the navy. Me being the cheeky fat old man running got the ladies in white to pose with the male mannequin so that I would buy their submarine t-shirt. I have all sorts of comments about that submarine but lets just say it is best I keep it to myself. The 2XL white t-shirt I will use for sleeping on cold nights. A big bird whispered into my ear that this run was a prelude to an even bigger run next year with medals and finisher t-shirt. Dare we hope that it will be along the lines of a 21km run? Kuching needs more such runs in her build up towards our very own Kuching Marathon.  There is a sense of excitement in the air with more and more runs popping up. Lets hope this keeps on going.  I have taken a couple of pictures of the run and posted them below. Those who were there were lucky enough to see our paratroopers in action.  A big salute to our soldiers for putting up a good show. Am so looking forward to an even bigger one from them next year.


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