Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Momentum Run Series Medals Unveiled

Building towards Kuching Marathon 2014

Four Runs

Four Medals become One

The medals for the Momentun Run Series have be unveiled.  This Series was created to help prepare runners in Kuching for the Kuching Marathon 2014. The first Momentun Run will occur on 22nd December 2013. The distance covered  will be 15km. Only 500 slots were made available and the event soldowe out in five days! This only goes to show how eager Kuchingites are to participate in road runs, even though this is not officially a race. It should be taken like any group training run. However am sure come run day there will be many participants who will treat it like an actual race. Hopefully sponsors will come forward to support the other three Momentum Runs so that all that has been planned comes to fruition. There is now also talk that a special finisher t-shirt will be created just for those who participate in all four runs. Lets hope this comes true. Now I am itching to run all four too!

There's something I just noticed, and this has been confirmed by the organisers, that the colour of the Brooks running top for Series 1 matches the colour of the medal! If this trend continues, then it goes without saying that the next running top will be yellow in colour, and so on. Does that mean that the special finisher t-shirt will be orange in colour? Have also been told that the uniquely designed medals have been specially commissioned. There number only 300. However a big bird told me that there is a possibility that they will get more medals. This will benefit those who finish outside the top 300. However due to the cost of the medals the runners might have to fork out some money for it. Of course it also means that the runners have to finish the race to be able to purchase one. What say you?

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