Sunday, 8 December 2013

Borneo International Marathon 2014

Registration Open!

It seems like I just ran this marathon. The adventure those who finally got to run it went through this year. However it was well worth it. I got to visit Kota Kinabalu again after so long. Met up with friends and made new ones too.  Was able to PB though I didn't push much effort into the last 10km. This made me a believer and would hold me in great stead when I actually went for it during this year's Putrajaya Night Marathon and got my sub-6. After the cheating exposed at the recent Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore and also the Penang Bridge International Marathon, I am proud that, like all of my friends, we actually did run all 42.195km. Yes, I was again the slowest runner in my group, but I can hold my head up high that I played by the rules. Right now I am very angry that such cheaters bring shame to themselves and such big marathons as those just mentioned. Maybe I will post more on it later.

As for now, the Borneo International Marathon is open for registration. Click here to get to their website. If you are sure you want to run it go for the early bird right away. Me? I already bought my airline tickets before I even registered. That's how much I want to run in Kota Kinabalu again. When push comes to shove, I prefer to run in smaller races. BIM is also ideal for runners from Sarawak who want to attempt a full marathon. We don't even have to leave the island of Borneo. I so cannot wait for when the Kuching Marathon happens. Am hoping that many Sabahans will join us too. Who knows maybe our neighbours in Brunei and Kalimantan will flex their marathon might and come up with a full marathon each. Then we all can do four full marathons in Borneo. I know that's just me dreaming, but anything is possible with the right sponsors. I was just informed that another town in Kuching is very much interested in holding a full marathon. That's just the kind of news I like hearing.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to run BIM register now. That means you know for sure come 4th May 2014 you will be running. Then create your training programme. There are many good ones online. Just find one that suits you. Time is on your side if this is going to be your first full marathon. The cut off is 6 hours 30 mins. If this fat old man running could come in at 6:08 after all my adventures during the final 10km, so can you. However do please train yourself up for the distance. I know there have been stories of people who never trained for a full marathon and then running it and finishing it. But those instances are rare and usually those runners have some kind of fitness background. I wholeheartedly believe that what you put in you get out when it comes to marathon running. There is no such thing as luck. That's enough of my ramblings. I look forward to meeting you guys in Sabah again. Happy running everyone!


  1. Can't wait for the whole gang to come over!!

  2. Am so hoping Mark Abel joins us too, and gives the 10km run a go. One of my friends from Kuching, Mann Junior, will be going for his first official 10km run at BIM too. Maybe they can pace each other?