Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Voyage to Venus 2014

Moon Joggers Journey Continues...

25,000 mile trip for 25,000 crew

Sunshine Heroes Foundation

Ever wondered when doing another LSD run what you are doing this for. Yes, I know, like me, you are most probably preparing for another marathon or ultra. That is part and parcel of running long. We have to keep pounding the tarmac. There is no secret to running marathons or ultras. We just have to train for it. The more we put into it the more we gain out of it. However wouldn't it be nice if we were also running for another reason? Just like Terry Fox ran for cancer, we too can do our bit and run for charity, and in return get a t-shirt and a medal to remember our achievement. That's where Voyage to Venus by the Moon Joggers comes in. I know it sounds outlandish. Nobody can jog to the moon or to Venus for that matter. Yet there is method to this madness. What each person does is record how many miles (or kms) they run each day and at the end of the year their total will go towards the Venus trip. Walkers are most welcome too.

Here's how it works. Sign up and set a personal goal on what distance you will achieve in a year, starting from 1st January 2014. There are rankings for the voyage. You can log your ranking (or walking) miles (or kms) and see yourself move up the rankings. At the end of the year you will receive medals according to your ranking. It starts with 100 miles for Space Rangers and ends with 5,000 miles for Admirals. The top three runners will receive Golden Moon Boot Award. Click here to learn more about the ranking list. Those who sign up for the event will receive an exclusive Voyage to Venus T-shirt and other goodies. At the end of the year you will receive your medal based on your ranking. Last year they did a virtual run to the moon, and each runner got an exclusive medal for participating. Be quick to register as there are only 25,000 slots available!

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