Sunday, 15 December 2013

Colour Rush 2.0 - Open for Registration!

Running for Sarawak Children's Cancer Society

Only 5km

Colour bombing mandatory!

Registration is now open! Go to  for more details and to sign up. Click here to learn how much fun we all had earlier this year participating in the first Colour Rush. Now I know better. If I am going to have lots more fun I will wear my oldest shoe, my oldest socks, my oldest hat and my oldest shorts. and bring a BIG towel and a change of clothing. Why? If you have not seen the pictures, you better do so, because if you choose to wear new clothing you might not get the colour off them. I know of friends who wore their new shoes and the colour still hasn't come out. The only bit of advice I can give is keep far away from the purple dye. It's the hardest to wash off. However when the colours all mingle together that's also so bad. It helps if you can hide behind a big guy. I unfortunately have nobody to hide behind. Also be wary of your friends ambushing you at the start, during the run, and also at the finish line.

Colour Rush 1.0 (FOMR is in the middle)

Read in the papers yesterday that they hope to raise RM100,000 for the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society. Someone got the ball rolling by donating RM25,000. Your RM35 registration fee will go a long way towards helping them hit their target too. The organisers hope to attract 2,000 participants. After the success of the first run I am positive this is achievable. The new t-shirt is again white in colour. No worries all that colour will eventually wash off. Mine is nearly all white except for an almost unnoticeable smudge near my chest. For those who seldom run, this in an ideal event to join. Most of the time people will just walk it. The route is different from last year, which is a nice change.  I am so excited seeing all these runs pop up in Kuching. Lets hope this keeps on happening. The Kuching Marathon is still a ways off, but everyone can start getting ready for it by joining the shorter runs. So put on the those running shoes and go out and run! Catch you guys along a run somewhere in Kuching.

New route

Cuter t-shirt


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