Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Marathons in Malaysia in 2014

Run 42km in Malaysia


1. Malaysia Women Marathon (16th March 2014)



Gave this run a miss last year even though I badly wanted the dog tag medal. The reason why was because MBF was not confident that she could run a full marathon yet. However this year she is ready and I will be pacing her the whole 42.195km. The FM finishers will again get a dog tag or a bracelet 'medal' to go with a finisher skirt. The guys will get something equally exciting. It's supposed to be a surprise. Hint: Mine will most definitely have to be big. Those wanting to know more and register can visit their website at http://mwm.my/

2. Island Ocean Marathon (tentatively April 2014)



Last year was the first time this marathon was run at Langkawi Island. It is part of The Marathon Series from The Marathon Shop. This is a straight 42km event with limited slots. Last year it was open to only 1,000 participants. Those who signed up for this marathon and also the River Jungle Marathon, and completed both got a bonus finisher t-shirt. Last year only 500 men and 195 women went home with the bonus t-shirt. At the time of writing no date has been set yet for this marathon. It will most probably be again held in April. So keep a lookout for it. Those wanting to know my experience running it can click here. IOM makes for a wonderful runcation too.

3. Borneo International Marathon (4th May 2014)



Am sure many of those who ran BIM this year will feel like the 2014 edition is coming up so fast. I don't blame you. Last year due to unforeseeable circumstance it was run on 25th August. For many years now this was the only full marathon on the island of Borneo. Many from Sarawak would run it.  Next year the running climate will change with the introduction of the inaugural Kuching Marathon.  Those who don't like running in overly crowded marathons like SCKLM and PBIM might want to give BIM a go. This is also a nice excuse to visit Kota Kinabalu. While there go visit the islands or maybe climb Mount Kinabalu. Click here for my experiences there. Those wanting to visit the official website: http://borneomarathon.com/

4. Kuching Marathon 2014 (17th August 2014)


This is the marathon everyone who loves running in Sarawak will attempt. It's always nice to see another marathon crop up in the running calendar in Malaysia. Sarawak being such a big state has great potential for all sorts of runs. Hopefully the inaugural Kuching Marathon will pave the way for many more runs in the hornbill state.  Towns like Sibu and Bintulu have organised half marathons this year. Kuching's most famous run to date, the Spring Live Active Run, will yet again be run next year, for the third year, and will again feature a half marathon.  Please click here to visit the Kuching Marathon website.

5. River Jungle Marathon 2014 (tentatively September 2014)



Am hoping this run will be in early September again, but there is a possibility that it will clash with a new run in Penang, that is even bigger. RJM is part of The Marathon Series. Just ask those who have run it and they will sing it's praises. Last year due to public demand they added 200 more slots to the existing 1,000. Runners were prepared to run it even if they didn't get both medals to combine as one big medal. Both runs have been called boutique marathons as there is no cut off time. Don't be fooled, as the hills along Hulu Langat are challenging indeed. RJM is an ideal setting for runners to lose their FMV.  Click here to learn about my experience running it.

6. Sultan Mahmud International Bridge Run (tentatively September 2014)



This year saw SMIBR become a full marathon. Some 128 runners braved the FM distance. Am not sure what will happen this year so am going out on a limb and a prayer on this one.  Yours truly has never visited Trengganu, let alone run at Pantai Batu Burok. We will see if next year it will again have an FM again. The more the merrier I say. However I will have to think long and hard before attempting this run because of the logistics involved. Those who want to know more about this year's run can visit their Facebook page.

7. BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon (tentatively 4th October 2014)


Yours truly is very skeptical that this will be the actual date. Go to my blog post to know why.  The probability is very high that it will be run after SCKLM.  Either way it will present a nightmare for runners wanting to run both marathons. BSN PNM was where I achieved my best FM time ever even after friends and fellow runners told me how humid the conditions would be and also how tough running at night would be. Click here to know more about my experience running it. The road conditions are excellent and so too were road safety. This marathon is still much smaller than SCKLM and PBIM. Those who want to know more can go to their website: http://www.bsnpnm.com/

8. Standard Chartered KL Marathon (12th October 2014)



Skipped this marathon last year to save my legs, and am glad I did. A lot depends on when PNM is run, whether I will consider to attempt it next year.  Because of the late gun time and the cut off time, it will be more challenging to run this after PNM. However it is inconceivable that I will give this marathon a miss two years in a row.  Those wanting to know more can visit their website: http://www.kl-marathon.com/

9. Penang Bridge International Marathon (16th November 2014)



This year PBIM was the biggest marathon I ever ran in. Whether having so many people run a marathon is a good thing, I leave it to the constant runner. All I can say is that I lost my FMV on the Penang Bridge last year, and I ran it again this year. Next year this marathon will be run on the new bridge. I am so looking forward to how they will be doing this. Those wanting to know about my experience this year running it can click here. Those wanting to check out their website: https://www.penangmarathon.gov.my/


Potential Good News...


Yours truly might be accused of being overly optimistic by putting down marathons that might not even be run next year. I however have faith The Marathon Series will be run again. It's just that am not sure when. When I know when, my constant runners will know too. The Sultan Mahmud International Bridge Run is also a gutsy inclusion on my part. We will just have to wait and see how things will turn out. Who knows the Taiping International Marathon might make a comeback too. Jokes aside, whether I will run it is another story altogether though. What is for certain is that there is going to be more runs in Malaysia. It's up to us runners whether we will support them or not. Hopefully the registration fees will not be drastically raised. Am all for running for charity, however I will question those runs that keep on upping their fees each and every year. Runners have to be protected too. Not all of us have a bottomless pit of a wallet.

Now for the potential good news. A big bird, who is not yellow in colour, told me that there will be a marathon in Johor come 20th June 2014. What I heard is that it will be a Sundown run. However I was later told that the distance would only be 21km. I know it's all iffy, but still, anything is possible. Also a run has popped up in the Penang running calendar on 7th September 2014. It just says Penang Ultra. The big bird tells me that this will be a 50km, 84km and 100km run. So if it does happen then those not insane enough to go for the ultra will have yet another FM to run. Ten potential FMs in Malaysia isn't too shabby. For those who need a regular dose of full marathons, just jet off to our neighbours. They have enough marathons to keep all of us happy too. Am so looking forward to what next year brings. Here's me hoping that my constant runners are feeling likewise. Happy running always and a Happy New Year!


  1. Eagerly waiting updates for island and jungle marathon...
    Sundown jb is an interesting surprise if happens...


  2. IOM and RJM is truly a 'must run' marathon in Malaysia for those who love running. I am hoping this year it doesn't clash with any other runs. Will keep everyone updated.

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