Sunday, 9 February 2014

Great Wall Marathon 2014

5,164 Steps Into History - 17th May 2014

Who doesn't want to run on one of the Seven Wonders of the World? The Great Wall of China can even be seen from space. Since 1999 competitors from all over the world have taken up the challenge to conquer one of mankind's greatest monuments. Yes, it's indeed 5,164 steps into history. From what I have read some of the stairs are 18 inches high! From the pictures I have seen that involves a lot of arm work along the run. The cut-off time is eight hours. Runners will start out from the Tianjin Province. A quarter of the route will take place on the Great Wall itself.  Full marathon runners have a six hour cut-off at km32 when runners re-enter the Great Wall section of the course. All finishers will receive a medal. There is no prize money though. The top three winners (male and female) will each receive a small symbolic prize. Those wanting to know more can click here.

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