Friday, 7 February 2014

Beaufort 100k - A Bridge Too Far

Hottest Ultra Marathon in Malaysia

Ever since I started running seriously it has been my dream to run in Sabah. I fulfilled that wish last year by running 42km at the Borneo International Marathon. This year I will go back for more, having already signed up for BIM. Sabah has several runs that will interest any runner. From the Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon to The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT). Yours truly was interested in running Beaufort this year, thinking that it would be in the middle of December, and that the distance would be 60km.  However now the ultra marathon will be held on 8th June 2014. What's more the distance has been increased to 100km. There is no pussy-footing here, it's a straight out 100km road run in extreme heat. My friends in Sabah have informed me that the roads at Beaufort are really exposed to the elements. I guess anyone running this race should pray for rain. Last year's Beaufort 60k saw 56 runners start the race and 47 runners finishing, even after the cut off time had been extended to 10.5 hours!  It's official, this year's Beaufort 100k will start at 4am and the cut off is 15 hours. Looks like this road ultra is tailored for the hardcore runner. The heat will be the biggest factor here. Registration will open on 15th February 2014. Those wanting to know more about this run can click here.

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