Thursday, 27 February 2014

Turbo Snail Run 1.0


LSD Run for Slowpokes

For those looking for another official run in Kuching, this is not it. This is an LSD run for slowpokes. Only join if you are a slow runner. All right, if fast runners want to join, they can too, but you will be far ahead of the turbo snails. The distance is 20km. The run starts at 5am on Sunday (2nd March 2014). The meeting point is outside Penview Inn. Those who want to run the route should bring enough water to sustain them for the duration of the run. If not at least bring money to buy drinks at the 24 Hour KFC at Medan Hamidah or at the Petronas station along the toll road. Please be assured that no matter how slow your pace is, we will keep an eye on you. Please bring a fully charged mobile phone and wear reflective clothing or blinking lights. All runners are advised to run against the flow of traffic. Those wanting to know more about the route can contact me through Facebook or email me at, if you do not already have my mobile phone number. Happy running everyone!

Run Route (anti-clockwise)

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