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Redeems Run 2014


29th March 2014

Just learned about another half marathon in Kuching! It will be held at Redeems Centre, Kampung Apar, Singai, Kuching on 29th March 2014. The distance is 21km for men (19 years and above) and 8km for women (18 years and above) and junior men (16 years to 18 years). The entry fees are RM50, RM30 and RM30 respectively. The registration forms are available at Menara Sarawak Energy, No 1 The Isthmus, Level 6, South Wing, Kuching. Registration closes on 14th March 2014.  Bibs collection and briefting will be at 2.30pm on on 28th March 2014 at Redeems Centre. For those who prefer to cycle there's also a Redeems Mountain Bike Race! Distances will be 45km Open, 20km Women and Junior Men. Fees are RM50, RM30 and RM30 respectively. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top ten finishers. The winners in 21km run will get RM1,000 (champion), RM800 (1st Runner-Up) and RM700 (3rd Runner Up).

I have talked to the people involved. For the Redeems Run 21km Open it is for men, but women can take part alongside them. What that means is that they will be in competition with the men for the positions and prizes. That's why the women are encouraged to take part only in the 8km. As for the cut off time, as stated in the pdf it is one and half and one hour respectively for 21km and 8km. I was made to understand that the time will be adjusted because as it stands only Kenyans and a handful of Kuchingites can meet the cut off for the half marathon. Also when it comes to the briefing, there are in discussion as to the actual venue, as it will be on a Friday at 2.30pm at the race venue when most people will still be at work. The target is 300 runners for all categories. 

This is the latest news (as of 24th February 2014): They have given me the amended files. The cut off for 21km is 4.5 hours and for 8km is 2.5 hours. I have been informed by my friends that the route is hilly and that the distance might be a kilometer or two more than stated. So be forewarned. What's more those residing in Kuching can inform the organisers that they wish for their bibs and t-shirts to be collected at the Sarawak Energy HQ. Hopefully that ends all queries about this run. I believe this is the first time the Bidayuh community has organized a half marathon, so hopefully runners from Kuching will give their support.

More info on this run (as of  6th February 2014): The 21km route is lightly shorter than that. The uphill bit starts at around 6.5km and the rest of the route is relatively flat road and then a bit of an upslope upon reaching Kem Puncak Permai. There will be FOUR water stations and 3 designated check points along the route.  

Latest news  on this run (as of 18th March 2014): Due to unforeseen circumstance (the by-election at Balingian) the Redeems Run has been postponed to 13th April 2014 (Sunday). Registration has also been extended to 2nd April 2014. The latest registration form can be found below...

Hot off the press: Just got this news (19th March 2014) that the run has been postponed yet again due to the fact that 13th April 2014 is Palm Sunday, and the Christian community in Singai will be attending Mass. As of now there is no definite date on this run. Am sorry if my constant runners are left hanging. We are all in the same boat.

Super duper newsflash: Latest news (as of this evening, 20th March 2014), the date for the Redeems Run is now officially 30th March 2014. Please do keep on checking the read italicized messages here for any changes. 

Final newsflash: Just found out this morning (24th March 2014) that the last day for submitting your entries is tomorrow! (Tueday, 25th March 2014)

All the information needed can be found below...

The run t-shirt (It's a bit blurry, but you will get an idea of how it'll be):

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