Monday, 13 January 2014

"Tri-Ed 101" with Steve Lumley in Action

Ironman Triathlete Steve Lumley in Kuching

2-Day Triathlon Clinic

On Saturday and Sunday forty-one people participated in the Tri-Ed 1.0 Triathlon Clinic in Kuching conducted by coach Steve Lumley. Lumley, an Ironman 30 times over, with 4 invites to Hawaii, is no stranger to the world of triathlon. Now based in Kuala Lumpur, he trains and coaches triathletes in the region. This is his first trip to Kuching to train triathletes and aspiring triathletes.  Yours truly was there to see first hand how Lumley conducted his clinic. From my brief stay I picked up many tips on how to tackle the swimming discipline in the triathlon. I was not around for the actual swimming drills, but the input I got from my friends was very positive indeed. The photos were sent to me by various individuals. Many thanks to Frances Ngu, Eldon Chuo and Albert Tan Sing Kai for helping me out. Plus I am now a proud wearer of my first 'triathlon' t-shirt. The event was sponsored by Level Up Fitness, Revolution Run Company and Power Up Bars.

Steve Lumley and me

Brief Summary of Tri -Ed 1.0 Clinic

Day 1 (Saturday 8.30am - 5pm)

(Venue: Samarahan Sarawak Golf Club)

Briefing by Steve Lumley
Video analysis, feedback, and specific drills in swimming pool
Bike set up and Positioning
Pedalling skills and drills and theory of training cycling program
Transitions set up and practices

Day 2 (Sunday 7am - 2pm)

(Venue: MBKS Carpark)

30km cycling with Steve Lumley
Hill climbing and descending skills
Brick sessions - short run off the bike
Running economics, specific drills and conditioning

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