Sunday, 5 January 2014

Penang Ultra 100

Run Penang Island

50km and 100km

Circle 23rd August 2014 for the inaugural 100km ultra marathon in Penang. The run starts at 8pm and the cut off is 18 hours.  That means the runner will have to run from dusk till dawn till midday. This challenge is not for the faint of heart. The organisers would like to remind us that "Pain is temporary. And quitting is not an option." Judging from the map it looks like runners will get to run around the whole island. Me likes! The only cloud on the horizon is that this event occurs one week after the Kuching Marathon.  Have been informed that there will also be a 50km and a team relay. The official Facebook page has just been launched. Do go visit it and make your intentions known. All I want to see is how BIG the medal will be. Am so hoping that it will be in the shape of Penang Island.  It would be nice to have one as big as the recently held Texas Marathon, which was shaped like the state itself. Remember that was for a 42km run, and not an ultra. That's like the BIGGEST medal I have ever seen! Or how about a belt buckle like in Badwater, which guys can wear all the time? Women who wear jeans can wear it too, or choose the option of having a medal. So here's me looking forward to this newest edition to the Malaysian running calendar. Lets hope there will be more to come.

The Penang Ultra 100 is now open for registration. Go here for more info.

Texas Marathon 2014

Badwater medals and buckle

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