Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Where2go Ultimate Challenge 2014

Go to Penang!

Cycle the Island

Who wants to cycle around Penang Island? The Where2go Ultimate Challenge is back! Now 4,000 cyclists from all over Malaysia and beyond can do just that. Makes me want to get a bike and go there just to do it. The cut off is 4 hours. There's a nice medal to go with the very colourful cycling jersey up for grabs. If only someone on the Island would lend me a bike for that weekend. Six days after the Borneo International Marathon, this would be a challenge indeed for a marathon runner. Especially one who almost never cycles. However the temptation is there to go back to Penang. Those who want to know more about this event can click here.


  Event cycling jersey

  Finisher Medal

  Event Route


  1. Indeed very interesting... Too bad clash with my Kuantan hm...
    Really too many runs nowadays


  2. Yuppers! Lots of clashes. Now it looks like the Sundown Malaysia (Johor) will happen, lets hope it too doesn't clash with any other runs.