Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kuching Marathon 2014 - Latest news!

Website Launch & Online Registration

Yes, I know, we've all been waiting impatiently for any titbit of KM2014 news. Was just informed by the Race Director that the Kuching Marathon 2014 website will be officially launched and online registration will commence at 4pm on 21st January 2014. The early bird registration fee for the full marathon will be RM80 and the cut-off time will be 7 hours. So circle that date on your running calendar my constant runners. I don't know about you, but am so excited. It should be my first run after Ramadan. I know that in itself will be a challenge. However I am told by my friends from the Momentum Run series, that there might even be a night run for Series 4. While it isn't carved in stone yet, it might be of interest to all those observing the fasting month and still wanting to train for KM2014.  Things are getting serious now. All those who haven't signed up for Momentum Run Series 2 better do so quickly.  I look forward to bringing more KM2014 news the moment I get it.  Click here to visit the official website. Happy running always!

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