Friday, 3 January 2014

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 - Official Post

Oops! It wasn't me!


"Dear runners, as the Organizer of BSN PNM, we have NOT officially announced any dates yet. We cant be responsible for postings done by people whom have no authority to post the dates as they wish. BUT rest assured that it will not be on the 4th as we are very aware and sensitive to religious holidays. But take note that BSN PNM has always been organized in the month of October. And we are also in the mercy of availability of venue in Putrajaya. If there is a clash of dates between 2 big runs than the new comer into the month of october should reconsider their date."

 (Actual post as taken from their Facebook page)

Well it looks like someone made a booboo. I am only as good as my sources when I posted regarding the 4th October 2014 date for BSN PNM. Read here.  The tone by the organiser is aggressive in asking the newcomer to move out of the month of October.  The parties should sit down and discuss this. Both are big runs in Malaysia. In fact SCKLM is the bigger run. If push came to shove and both were run on the same weekend - 11th and 12th October, I would choose SCKLM as my main run. The fact that BSN PNM is a night run means I will be running straight into the Sunday morning run. There is no way I will have any gas in my tank since I am not an ultra runner yet. Those who can run 100km have no worries.  They can sign up for both, and treat the break as rest time before running another 42km. It will be interesting to see which date the organisers pick. The possibility is very high that it will be 18th October 2014. What that means is we runners get one week recovery!


  1. I am surprise with the tone and choice of words used, as if they own the whole October....
    They should quickly clear the air and annonuce the date


  2. With due respect, SCKL should reconsider the date. They can't act like a big bully.

  3. What is done, is done. It is sad because two full marathons in Malaysia are only separated by hours. It is actually two full marathons within 24 hours! Not many will have the courage or the legs to attempt both. This is the sort of thing that will hurt the sport in our country. Hopefully next year sanity will prevail and they will come to some sort of agreement.