Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Kuala Kubu Bharu Old Town Running 2014

Much Ado about Kuala Kubu Bharu Old Town Running

Real or Fake?

I do not like doing this, but if I don't spread the word, how will those outside Facebook know about it. Yours truly only just discovered this 'inaugural' run. In fact I wanted to promote it in my blog. However when I visited their Facebook page I noticed that something seems to be amiss. Many runners were asking about their registration and also trying to contact the organiser but to no avail. One has even made a police report. I asked for clarification from the people who posted the event in their sports website but so far have not gotten any reply. As of today the organisers have not posted any new comment regarding this run since the middle of December last year. Checking the Facebook page of the organiser himself has proved fruitless too. Pictures of him and his t-shirt printing business and stall have surfaced. Big on him if he progressed from that to hosting a run event for 2,000 runners. Or maybe he has people backing him. Of course I can hypothesize till the cows come home. However am sorry to say I smell a really big rat...

The office of the event organiser is at Rawang. Refer to the registration pdf to get the actual address and contact. Anyone who knows how to contact the parties concerned do please ask them to clarify what is going on. In this case silence is not golden. My best advice to anyone wanting to register for this event is to wait for further clarification before registering. I am posting this because I too am wondering what is going on. I hope this is a legitimate event and that the organisers will come forth to rectify any participant queries as soon as possible. However if it is a fraudulent event the rights of the runner must be protected at all cost. We don't want people creating fake running events to dupe runners out of their hard earned money. I challenge the individual concerned to comment on this blog post. By the way there are pictures of him and his family on Facebook. The participants should save all the particulars just in case his account suddenly gets disabled.

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