Friday, 24 January 2014

Campaign for a Lane (CFAL) Penang 2014

Cycle 82km around Penang Island

TMBT 2014 falls on the 16th-17th August 2014. The Hasuu Tasu 28km trail run falls on 17 August 2014. The first Kuching International Marathon falls on 17th August 2014.  Outside Malaysia, and of interest to those living in Southeast Asia, the 1st Angkor Empire Full Marathon falls on 17th August 2014. Why am I not surprised that the 6th edition of the Campaign For A Lane (CFAL) falls on 17th August 2014? Am just wondering out loud why so many big runs are falling on the same date. Of course CFAL is a cycling event. I am all for promoting cycling events, and CFAL has been around for awhile. Looking at the race map I can forsee how things would be if I were to run either the inaugural Starlight Ultra or the inaugural Penang Ultra 100 this year. Those wanting to know more about this event or register for it can click here.

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