Thursday, 30 January 2014

Runner Suffers Heart Attack - Dubai Marathon 2014

Man's Heart Stops at 4km

Please read the following: Running a full marathon is not a joke. It isn't something a recreational runner does with his friends. Come to think of it, what friends would urge someone with no prior training to run a full marathon? This guy was lucky that he had expert medical care. How many marathons can provide such facilities? Show of hands please! It's easy to say that there are medical personnel on hand during the marathon. Most of them are only able to treat minor injuries or cramps. When push comes to show they call in the ambulance. Remember a full marathon is 42.195km. The hospitals must be on standby for such eventuality, with trauma surgeons good to go. What this article tells me is that the Dubai Marathon medical personnel come equipped with defibrillators. If I ran there I would have peace of mind knowing that. In Malaysia I am more worried about being hit by a car when I run in a full marathon. What is your worry when you run a full marathon? 

For my fellow Kuchingites thinking about running in the Kuching Marathon, please make sure you have a running plan. Stick to it. Make sure you have enough mileage. Nothing beats being trained for any event. Make sure your heart can take it. If you worry that there might be something wrong then go consult a doctor. Running a full marathon puts a lot of stress on the body. It is never worth it to die for a certificate, a medal and a finisher t-shirt. If something doesn't feel right when you run then just stop. Your life is too important to risk on a run. Am always sad to read when someone gets hit by a car while running. It's even sadder to read of someone dying of a heart attack while running. I know there are those out there who just want to have fun while they run. If so, that's what fun runs are for. Stick to the 5km runs. The longer the distance the more serious it gets. I have run in six full marathons. Each and everyone of them present different challenges. Yes I am more experienced because of it. However if anything feels wrong with my engine, I am prepared to stop. Are you willing to stop too? Run safe always!

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