Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Kuching Marathon 2014 - A high speed ride!

42km at 230kph! 

Ever wondered how a marathon would look like if you drove it at mind blowing speed? Well wonder no more. One person has just done that for the upcoming Kuching Marathon. No he was not driving a Ferrari. In fact he wasn't even breaking any speeding laws. What he did was just fast-forward his journey. Even a Kenyan would get dizzy watching this sub-11 minute marathon. Earlier I had posted the Kuching Marathon route in pictures. Now someone has come along and done it in video. Go click on James Lo's video and see the entire full marathon route. Then if you want a much slower view of the entire route click here for my earlier post. Those who want to know more about the Kuching Marathon can click here. If you feel 42km is too much for you right now, then go for the 5km, 10km or 21km distances. Unlike most marathons in Malaysia, conquering the shortest distance, which is usually reserved for the fun run, gives the runner equal rewards. The 5km runner will get a drifit top and a medal! Right now I cannot think of a better way for anyone to start their running journey and also be part of running history in Kuching.


  1. Oh my... 42k looks awefully long! Lol...

  2. You have sold me on it. I'm registering

  3. Thinking about my first half marathon......