Thursday, 20 March 2014

World's First Muslimah Activewear Fashion Show

Women on the Run at MWM

Yours truly attended the inaugural Muslimah Activewear Fashion Show held in conjunction with the Malaysia Women Marathon. Nashata is the title sponsor for the 5km Fun Run at MWM. The 5km run was introduced for the first time at this event. It is an ideal starting distance for Muslim women to gather together and run.  The Nashata range of activewear is for women who seek modest outfits in their sporting activities. They provide two types of product range; Riada and Ultra. Products under the Riada range are designed for basic sports and leisure use while products from the Ultra range are for Muslimah who seek performance in their sporting activities.  Both collections sport reflective logos for night active pursuits.  Seven new products were introduced at the fashion show which includes Riada Active Pants, Peplum Riada Top, A-Cut Compression Top, Full Support Sports Bra and Amin Hijab.

Nashata was founded in May 2013 and operates online with several products.  After more than a year they now understand Muslim women's preference in activewear.  Nashata has also introduced more choices and colour selection for both range.  Close to 3 million adult women or more than 10% of the population in Malaysia are overweight, one third of which are obese.  What that means is that one out of three adult women in Malaysia is overweight. Today more and more Muslim women understand the importance of keeping fit and being healthy, be it through joining a gym, participating sports or walking and running.  The benefits go beyond health, and help in career and personal growth.  Ida Kamalawati, the key designer at Nashata, believes in making women look good regardless of their body shapes, without compromising on modesty.  Their products are suitable for plus sizes as well.  Women with different types of body shapes, especially pear-tshaped, will feel confident to perform their sporting activities with Nashata activewear.

Ida Kamalawati flanked by Intan and Aeda

One final pose

Eliza explaining about her new product

Posing for the media

Former Tunku Kurshiah College scholars reuniting

I was lucky enough to get to sample some of the material from their activewear range. As a runner I take delight that such clothing is available for Muslimah to wear when they participate in sport activities. From what I have seen so far it won't surprise me if many a Muslim women will embrace this type of activewear when they participate in runs. According to Eliza Noordin, the co-founder of Nashata, they plan next to focus on swimwear for Muslim women as they have received numerous requests from their customers.  They have also received great feedback from partners and customers from Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore and they would like to expand their customer reach to the Middle East market in the next one or two years.  Nashata believe in sharing inspiring stories about modest women from all walks of life at  Nahasta's store is operated online at Those who want to know more about Nahasta products can contact Eliza at

(Eliza Noordin was formerly a venture capitalist. She is currently studying for her PhD. She is a graduate of the University of Washington. Ida Kamalawati Bakar is also pursuing her PhD.  She has a fashion design degree from the prestigious Central St. Martins College of Art & Design (University of the Arts London))

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