Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kuching Marathon 2014 - Prize Money

RM125,000 in cash!

Yours truly, my dear constant runners know, runs to finish, and hopes in the process I make good time. Never in my wildest dreams will I hope to end up on the podium, even in my age group. The joy for me is finishing within the allocated cut-off time. However there will be those out there running to win. Well, this post is just for you. The Kuching Marathon Association has just announced the prizes for all categories of the upcoming Kuching Marathon.  One look at the top prize of RM15,000 for the winner of the full marathon makes me wish I was born a Kenyan.  I am sure come gun time on race day there will be Kenyans at the starting line. Lets hope that the Ethiopians come along to make things even more exciting for us and them. We Malaysians have a chance to win the top prize in the national category too. RM4,000 for two and a half hours work is something to shout home to mama about. If I can dream, so can you my dear constant runners. For those who have not signed up for the Kuching Marathon, do clear here, for your chance to run with Kenyans.

Please note that the organisers have the absolute, complete and discretionary   rights to conduct doping test on winners in all categories at any time before   payment of prizes are released in which event, the payment of prizes shall be   kept in abeyance pending and subject to the full and final result(s) of the  doping test.  The prizes under category 42KM National are open to the top 5 Malaysian runners who participated in 42KM – both Open and Veteran categories.  Each qualified runner is allowed to win one prize only in Kuching Marathon 2014. In the event any qualified runner is entitled to win prize of more than one category, he/she must elect to receive the award in the category that offering higher prize money.

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