Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge 2014

Who wants to climb Mount Penrissen?

The main reason why I signed up for last year's Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge was so that I could get to climb Mount Penrissen. Did the 15km trail run so that I could chalk up another mountain climbed. Last year an 8km mountain run was added to the mix. This was an all run run from the foot of the plateau to the plateau itself. Those who have run up Mount Serapi (5km run) will know that is child's play to what awaits them at Borneo Highlands. There is also the 10km trail run. The hardiest sportsmen sign up for the bike from the kampung right up to the plateau and the 15km trail run. Please believe me when I say that none of the trail runs are recommended for novices. The trend for the past two years has been for those who participate at the Spring Live Active Run to sign up for BHPBC. This was so evident last year by the number of SLAR run tops on display. 

Just remember before signing up for this run that it is a dangerous run. I have seen quite a number of people get injured the run and was involved in saving someone from a dreadful fall. You can read about this here. in 2012 I signed up for BHPNC 10km straight after SLAR and learned the hard way how unprepared I was. On paper it looked easy shifting from a 5km road run to a 10km trail run, but trust me when I say it is not. The energy expenditure is terrible to say the least. So when I ran last year's SLAR half marathon I thought I was more than prepared for the 15km trail run.  I was yet again proved wrong. To run trails the participant must be absolutely fit. The climbs at altitude in the beginning can catch the inexperienced climber off-guard. That's why some people even fainted and one person I saw was concussed.  Women who fear leeches of the no leg variety be forewarned that they are aplenty here too.

My plan this year, if I do sign up for BHPNC is to only do the 8km road run as I need to do hill work training for my longer runs during the latter half of the year. Besides each year I find I have problems with this run. It is highly recommended to run with at least two hydration bottles or use a hydration pack, preferably of 1L to 1.5L. If you run out of water along the route the going will get very tough indeed. The t-shirts given are of the cotton variety and unsuitable for this sort of run, and each year the design doesn't change much. The Facebook page is active. I will keep my readers informed of any new developments regarding this run. This will be the last run here before the fasting month.  So those training for the Kuching Marathon might not want to give it a miss. Of course I have been informed of a night run during Ramadan that hopefully will give us more preparation for KM. Happy running always!

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