Thursday, 20 March 2014

Turbo Snail Run 2.0

Mount Serapi Challenge

5km up and 5km down

The Turbo Snail Run is back! Since the month of April is filled with runs, the turbo snailers have chosen a mountain run for those who want to do something different. Like the previous run this is not an official event. It is a run for slowpokes who just want to have fun. Those who are not inclined to run up mountain roads can just hike up. Each runner can go at their own speed and be assured that there will be others watching out for them. Slow runners are given top priority. However if you want to climb Mount Serapi in a group you are most welcome to join too. The distance is 10km. It is a slippery run/hike so please use the appropriate shoes. The event starts at 8am on Sunday (20th April 2014). The meeting point is at the base of the mountain, at the National Park entrance. Please bring RM10 for the park fees. Also bring enough water for the climb. It is recommended that each runner bring at least 1L of water. Those who want to brunch at the top can bring food with them too. Shower facilities are available. As with all runs/hikes please bring a fully charged mobile phone with you. Interested parties can phone me or email me at

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