Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Unboxing my first pair of Brooks running shoes

Am going to run happy

Awhile back I went on a quest to find the right shoe for my long runs. Mistakes were made along the way and I suffered for it through blisters and lost toenails. Then I settled on the Asics Kayano 19. Debut it during last year's Borneo International Marathon. Went on to run the River Jungle Marathon, BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon and Penang International Bridge Marathon. My Kayanos have served me well. Survived 53kms at the Titi Ultra and just recently used them for the Brooks Half Marathon. The temptation to choose the new Kayano 20 was very strong. I even had a discount voucher for it and I also how to get it at an even cheaper price if I had too. Two of my running buddies had purchased the red Kayano 20 and I had seen them in action. When it comes to running shoes I am prepared to spare no expense. My feet are so very important to me. Everything starts from there. I found from previous experience that when the feet hurts the legs soon follow and it can even go higher. The medical fees to treat problems caused by the wrong shoes will always be more expensive than the costliest shoe I will ever buy.

When I ran Brooks I was naturally inundated by runners who were wearing that shoe too. So I thought why not give it a go. It was too big a risk for me to get the Transcend, so I decided on the nest best choice, the Adrenaline GTS 14. What's more it was red in colour, much like the Kayano 20. Unfortunately I got it a week before the Malaysia Women Marathon, so I wasn't prepared to use it over 42km without some serious breaking in. The only way for me to know how well the shoe suits me was to run with it. Of course running 5km or 10km won't show me anything. As I learned with the Kayano 19, it separates the man from the boys around the 32km distance. So if things go according to plan I might use it when I run the Borneo International Marathon. For now I feel like a kid with a new toy. Have read up a lot on the GTS 14 and think it is the right choice for me. However with shoes it will never be a perfect marriage. So only my future runs will tell me if I made the right choice or not. For more info on Brooks shoes in Malaysia click here. If you are from Kuching and need advice on the right Brooks shoes for you do visit Revolution Run Borneo.

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  1. Wow is it better compare to Transcend? I did bought Transcend at the booth a day before Brooks HM last week and gambling to use it for 21K haha, crazy! And my experience was i think it felt a lil much better than running with Adidas Energy Boost which i've used in less than 4 months.. Running lover from Sabah ;-)